Writings Cities are the central feature of a civilization.

Foremostamong the river valleys are the Nile and the Tigris-Euphrates.
The population of the Arab nation—approximately 253 million as of1994—is a youthful one.

The Rise and Fall of a Great and Ancient Civilization

Civilizations were the base of great societies such as Egypt and Rome.

The rise of civilization in 3200 B.C.

The Arabic language wasthen, as it is now, easily capable of creating new words and terminology in order to adaptto the demands of new scientific and artistic discoveries.
As the Empire spread, the Arabic language—and, indeed,culture—was enriched by contacts with other civilizations: Greeks, Persians, Copts,Romans, Indians and Chinese.

The advent of civilization provided a framework for

In sum, the Arabs today are still drawing cultural sustenance from their great past, whilefueling their advance into the future.
This present collection is intended to offer the reader a glimpse ofsome of the major contributions made by the Arabs to world civilization.

This was a union that continued defeating pending the fall of the Omayyads in 750.

The Decline and fall of classical civilizations

Early on we see the emergence of civilization in China, where relatively isolated within geographical barriers, China’s early civilization developed with little contact with other cultures.

, there was not a permanent disruption of Chinese civilization

The popularity of the was only eclipsedby the rise of modern Arabic.
For many people, Abu al-Tayyib Ahmad al-Mutanabbi, may have been thegreatest of all Arab poets.

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Evolving from hunters and gatherers into agriculturalists throughout history, Egypt has claimed to be one of the earliest and most spectacular civilizations of ancient times....

Ancient Mesopotamia: The Rise of Civilization

Altogether we find more than sixty references toBarbary (Morocco) in Shakespeare's plays.
Shakespeare was by no means alone in falling under the spell of Moorishsubjects.

The Rise and Fall of Sumer and Akkad | Ancient Origins

New construction is evident everywhere ashigh-rise buildings replace the covered bazaars of former times.
Those Arab countries with natural resources, especially petroleum, aredevoting large funds to development programs in nearly every field while at the same timeproviding their less fortunate sister states with financial assistance to help themmodernize.

Emergence of Civilization and Fall into ..

In such a setting, rich and complex cultures werenourished: ancient Egypt, Sumer, Assyria, Babylonia and Phoenicia were greatcivilizations, legends even in their own day, whose traces continue to be uncovered inarcheological sites throughout the region.
It was in this same area that the three great monotheisticreligions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam—originated, in time spreading to allcorners of the world.

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Poetry and music became inseparable, giving rise to the traditions, most strikingly illustrated in the famous , or"Book of Songs."
Arab literature flourished under the Abbasids, who rose to power inBaghdad in the mid-eighth century.