But Cory’s wealth condemns him to an isolated life ..

First published in E. A. Robinson’s second book of poems, “Richard Cory” is one of the short, lyrical and dramatic character sketches that Robinson is now best known for, although during his life he was most famous for the long poems he wrote later in his career. Robinson created an imaginary place called “Tilbury Town,” which he peopled with various failed and frustrated people. Richard Cory is one of those people. The poem may be read as an ironic commentary on the American dream of wealth, success, and power. The very embodiment of that materialistic dream, Cory kills himself for some unspecified reason, perhaps a spiritual emptiness or alienation from his fellow human beings. His death leaves the people who wanted to be like him wondering about the purpose of life. The speaker, a representative of the working-class people who admire and envy Cory, thought of the man in medieval terms as a king. Robinson seems to question the values of both Cory and the speaker, as well as that of the American dream.

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Richard Cory who symbolizes wealth and the townsman that symbolizes inferiority or poverty.
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Criticism on the Poem Richard Cory of Edwin Arlington Robinson ..

Americans can rest comfortably with the knowledge that Richard Cory, miserable wretch, pulled the trigger on himself, thereby assuring us that the wealth most of us will never know is not worth having anyway. If Cory actually was the person the poem tells the reader he was, not just rich but also human, graceful and kingly, it would have been proof that one can rise to the top without getting a swelled head or losing touch with the people, and, frankly, that sort of unbridled success has to be treated with suspicion.

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Without trying to belabor the obvious, in our society superior achievement is rewarded with wealth and prestige. We do not know how Richard Cory earned money, but we can see in the poem what an inspiration he was to the people on the pavement.

Lyrics to 'Richard Cory' by Paul McCartney. They say that richard cory owns one half of this whole town, / With political connections to spread his wealth
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Richard Cory went home last night and ..

Richard Cory would appear to be not that one who lived by appearances, but rather one who was born into the wealth that naturally gravitated to the lifestyle befitting true wealth and old, established wealth without giving so much as a hint of the pain within him.

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Why would a wealthy man like Richard Cory even have a public persona? Assuming that he is not an entertainer, and his income is not dependent on his popularity, why should he hide his despair? Cory’s motive for disguising his true self cannot be determined with any certainty from the facts given in this poem. The fact that he seems to be “admirably schooled” is given from the perspective of one of his admirers, making this a very unreliable witness. His outward self may have shown many signs of the coming tragedy that might have been noticed by someone who was less in awe of him. It is almost impossible to tell who created Richard Cory’s public image.

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Simon, 1966They say that Richard Cory owns onehalf of this whole town
With political connections to spreadhis wealth around
Born into society, a banker's onlychild
He had everything a man could want:power, grace, and styleBut I work in his factory
And I curse the life I'm living
And I curse my poverty
And I wish that I could be
Oh I wish that I could be
Oh I wish that I could be
Richard CoryThe papers print his picture almosteverywhere he goes
Richard Cory at the opera, RichardCory at a show
And the rumor of his parties andthe orgies on his yacht!