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And when White Fang meets Kiche as an adult, she drives him away as a potential threat to her current pups, and it's said that wolf mothers don't remember their own pups after a year; in reality, pups tend to stay with their parents for years and baby-sit their younger siblings.

White fang by Jack London is one of the best children's books ever

It also spawned a sequel,

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11: #1 — January 3, 1968: “Ushering in the All-Round Victory of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution” — Editorial for New Year’s Day 1968 in Renmin Ribao, Hongqi and Jiefangjun Bao, 4 pages.

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This very important editorial from Jiefangjun Bao (“Liberation Army Daily”) not only emphasizes the study of the “three constantly read articles”, but also powerfully states the attitude that revolutionaries should have towards themselves.

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It is during a fight where a bulldog all but kills him that White Fang is finally rescued by Weedon Scott.Like John Thornton in Call of the Wild, Scott introduces White Fang to for the first time, and his love slowly heals the wounds of abuse and torture and transforms the monster into a tame friend and protective ally.

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Thanks to his sadistic new tormentor of an owner, White Fang becomes an unbeatable monster, forced to fight wild wolves, several dogs at once, and even a lynx for entertainment.

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Scott eventually takes White Fang back to his father's estate in the Santa Clara Valley, where he must adjust to living as a tame pet and learn which animals are fair game (jack rabbits, squirrels, and quails) and which he must leave alone (chickens, cats, other dogs).

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Nevertheless, he adapts to the laws of his new surroundings and develops a loyalty and respect for Grey Beaver, who eventually sells Kiche and takes White Fang to his trading post at Fort Yukon.At the Fort, the young wolf catches the attention of "Beauty Smith," who introduces Grey Beaver to whiskey in order to get him to sell White Fang.

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Most notably, White Fang's father, One-Eye, kills two rival males to mate with Kiche; in real life, wolves rarely fight to the death, and really problematic "betas" typically leave to found their own packs.

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The reader leaves White Fang surrounded by the puppies he fathered with the sheepdog Collie.Definitely not a about but a harsh look at life in the rugged Northland Wild where only the strong survive and an ugly examination of the forces that shape the clay that is the human mind.The novel was adapted to a namesake film in 1991, directed by Randal Kleiser.

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White Fang of course, but it applied to Beauty Smith (bullied and forced to grow up on the outskirts of society because he was ugly) and Jim Hall (abused by the legal system and punished for a crime he didn't commit) too.