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I was stationed at RAF Chicksands from May 1984- May 1986. I was a Morse Code Operator with the 6950 ESG. My best friend while I was there was Larry Gonzales. Ken Smiley was one hell of a quarterback! If anyone remembers me, please send me an email! I treasure those years of my life. God Bless the United States of America.

(Masonic Service Association)Year and Volume Unknown, author unknown

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Roger was my boss at RAF Kirknewton, Scotland.. that would be in 1962. I am from Connecticut as well,... Danielson and Brooklyn...believe Roger (and your family) to hail from Plainfield...correct???

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She is now suffering from dementia and in poor health. She can remember that she trained in Manchester for 6 months prior to being sent to Chicksands. She can also remember some Morse code. It would be nice if anyone can put me in touch with anyone who has any relevant records or history of employment.

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My mother Sheila Holden (married name Hughes) Served as a radio listener and Morse code reporter at RAF Chicksands for 2 and a half years and left following her marriage in 1943. She will be 90 years of age next March. Apart from some black & white photos of friends and colleagues at RAF Chicksands, she does not appear to have any service records, nor did she maintain contact with any of her colleagues.

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My time at Chicksands was memorable. I had lots of great experiences. I have been back to England 3 times over the past 40 years.........Good place to visit...

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I was assigned to the 6950th Security Squadron Able Flight from 75-77 as a more systems operator, and later worked in base administration. My best years in the USAF were there at Chicksands and I have many memories of good times and great friends. My daughter and son in law were stationed at RAF Mildenhall and we visited them in 07,08, & 09. I was fortunate to be given a private tour in 07 of the base with my wife and daughter, it was truly wonderful to see the the place and the memories it brought back. Friends included: Abb Smith, Hank Carter, Leo Appersbach, Kerry Staggs, Robert Blackshear, Ed Smith, and many others from the mid seventies. We now live in Ft. Walton Beach, Fl.

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Cleaning house and found a pewter mug with Fire Protection USAF and underneath R.A.F CHICKSANDS no dates but if anyone knows about the mug and would like it contact me and I will send it to you

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Chicksands was a great assignment. I was stationed there from 73/75 and was on Able Flight. I also played football. Would really like to hear from anyone to talk over old memories.