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As I wrote earlier, IXL offers a Language Arts program for grades 2nd-8th. Topics include typical Language Arts components–capitalization, parts of speech, and sentence structure, moving into more complex topics such as context clues, analogies, synonyms, antonyms, parallel structure, and more. The Language Arts program doesn’t extend beyond 8th grade, but from my experience and after reviewing the 8th grade level, I think it provides excellent practice and review for those in high school. With its self-correcting and independent structure, IXL’s program may be worth a look to boost your high school curriculum.

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While we use a traditional style math program, I’ve learned that my boys with special needs excel with computer-based programs. As for this specific child, he is very difficult to understand. His receptive language skills are strong, but his expressive speech makes communication hard. Being able to work independently and getting the immediate positive feedback of rewards boosted his confidence and he looked forward to completing the next task and level.


Sara Elizabeth is a Christian homeschooling mom to 7 and a Family Herbalist. Having both typical and special needs children, ranging from preschool through high school, she not only understands the unique challenges of teaching several children with different learning styles and abilities, she has experience balancing therapy schedules with family life. Her passions include sharing home remedies, homeschooling tips, encouraging mothers and most importantly, making it all less intimidating.

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