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This confused picture could then produce grotesque speculations, like the "translation" by Athanasius Kircher (in his of 1636) of the name of the king Apriês, of the , as "the benefits of the divine Osiris are to be produced by means of sacred ceremonies and of the chain of the Genii, in order that the benefits of the Nile may be obtained." On the other hand, Kircher already had good information about Coptic, the surviving Egyptian language written in the Greek alphabet, which in the fullness of time would be one of the keys for the true decipherment of hieroglyphics.

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Buildings or addresses have otherwise come to mean Governments or agencies thereof, e.g.

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So this was like saying, "The Palace -- Life, Prosperity, Health!" So when "Great House" started to mean the King, we get (with the abbreviated formula):  , "Pharaoh -- Life, Prosperity, Health!" The title turns up in the Bible in Hebrew as , , and in Greek as (an indeclinable noun) -- which we can see in a phrase like , "Pharaoh King of Egypt" [Exodus 3:10].

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This incursion provocated a vigorous response from Muwatillis, who caught Ramesses in some disarray at Qadesh on the Orontes River, near the modern Lebanese-Syrian border.

It seems to be commonly assumed that it meant nothing to the Egyptians and vanished without regret.

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How Plato would know, or guess, about this is a good question, and what it would mean for the substratum of Egyptian and Minoan culture is even better.

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Babylonian diplomatic correspondence with Egypt is found in the archive, telling us rather more about the Babylonian Kings than we know from the records in Babylonia.

Meanwhile, Bill Petty gives the sole name of Leontopolis as  [, p.274], which seems to have nothing to do with any of other names.

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The modern city of Damanhur is , with a gloss that its ancient name, "Demi-n-Hor," meant "Town of Horus" [p.182]; but it is not shown on the attendant map, and there is no other notice or discussion about its ancient identity.

The Mitanni were responsible for a handbook on horse training that ended up in the hands of others, like the Hittites.

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Former diplomats and foreign policy professionals in Washington are often quick to say the situation is more complicated than a simple aid cutoff will allow. But after President Obama responded to in recent Egyptian history by , even those cautious policy practitioners were stunned by his meekness.

How we get these meanings can be gleaned from the ultimate meaning of the signs, which are

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this wasn't the plan.Stand the test.Change your fate.Be yourself.Finally, seal the date.It was an instance...It was me.In a millisecond...I was completely free.
Goddess knew me best.She always had.Saw past the sadnessthe broken piecesand filled what I had.Goddess protect me.Goddess hear me call.I'm sorry for not being myselffor being in someone else's skin for so long.I won't lose it.I won't lose this little piece.Goddess you knew me...even when I couldn't see myself.
Goddess,I am no longer shroud in darkness.I no longer cower in someone else's feet.A Vanni by any other name would sound as sweet...but Goddess,things are still dark.Still closing in on me.I feel your lightbut please heal me.
Goddess protect them.Protect them from where they will be.Remind themTo see lightwhen all else is grey...and remember Goddessto tell themYou molded me and themfrom Rainbow Clay.

The world will desperately miss a ray of Maize and Blue.