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But, as in other Renaissance artists, there was an energy in him that imparted to his linear rhythms a capacity for intense emotional expression as well as a gentle refinement.

The arts and the inventions,

Note: For artists and styles inspired by the arts of classical antiquity, see:  (800 onwards).

Nor did the art of the Renaissance stop here.

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Italian Renaissance Art and Renaissance Artists

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It was a quality which made them appear remote from the balance and harmony of classical art.

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The most important painters, sculptors, architects and designers of the Italian Renaissance during the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries include, in chronological order:

Albrecht Dürer: Art, Life, and Times

And although modern artists, from Picasso onwards, have explored new media and art-forms, the main model for Western art remains Greek Antiquity as interpreted by the Renaissance.

Western Art Timeline 1 - Byzantine Art to the High Renaissance

Two prominent painting instructors will take you on the Dream Painting Trip to Russia. Cultural and artistic journey which includes Moscow the heart of Russia, and its soul – the provincial towns of Golden Ring that will let you experience both the modern metropolis with ancient history, and the poesy of Russian countryside.

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Art and as a result decorative craft flourished: in the Flemish city under the patronage of the Dukes of Burgundy, the wealthy merchant class and the Church; in Florence under that of the wealthy Medici family.

Art of the Uffizi to Show Ideal Beauty in the Renaissance

This was due in part to the fact that most Northern Renaissance artists began using oil paint in the early 15th century, in preference to or which (due to climatic and other reasons) were still the preferred painting methods in Italy.

Renaissance Art: Artists, Paintings, Sculptures & Architecture

For example, in 1669, Andre Felibien, Secretary to the French Academy, annunciated a hierarchy of painting genres, modelled on Renaissance philosophy, as follows: (1) History Painting; (2) Portrait art; (3) Genre Painting; (4) Landscape; (5) Still Life.

Renaissance art : Renaissance art ..

(1) A reverent revival of Classical Greek/Roman art forms and styles; (2) A faith in the nobility of Man (Humanism); (3) The mastery of illusionistic painting techniques, maximizing 'depth' in a picture, including: , and, later, ; and (4) The naturalistic realism of its faces and figures, enhanced by oil painting techniques like .