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Thanks to the foolishness of television networks, there are no NFL teams in actual trouble (at least, not related to their own income and expense statements… how much debt owners may have put onto the businesses is another matter), so the persuasion will have to be significant. But it is possible. And if they wait until the Murph has been knocked down or “resized” for something else, the new stadium push in SD could begin all over again. An owner not named Spanos might have a different outcome in San Diego, just as an owner not named Davis could have in Oakland.

USS Carl Vinson Comes Home To San Diego

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Because this is 2017, the news media first that Banks was saying the NFL was about to move the Chargers back to San Diego, then debunking that notion that Banks . By the time of the Chargers game on Sunday — they lost again, and once again they sold out their 27,000-seat soccer stadium but lots of seats were either empty or occupied by fans of the visiting team, so many that the Chargers — things seemed to have largely calmed down. But now that it’s out there in the zeitgeist, is there anything at all to the idea of the NFL forcing the Chargers to throw in the towel on L.A.?

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The most reasonable conclusion, then, is what Banks actually said: The NFL is concerned by low levels of support for the Chargers, but doesn’t have any good options. The best bet is probably to wait until 2020 and hope that people want to go see the team once it’s in a new stadium; I guess Plan B would be to try to get San Diego to lure them back with a stadium offer of its own, and somehow use the proceeds to pay off Kroenke for his lost revenue? This is a huge mess, as one might have predicted from a process that was determined partly by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones The only question now is if NFL owners finally find an agreement to unravel their L.A. misstep, to sign it.

Gaspar de Portolà i Rovira (1716–1786) was a Spanish soldier and administrator in New Spain. As commander of the Spanish colonizing expedition on land and sea that established San Diego and Monterey, Portolà expanded New Spain's Las Californias province far to the north from its beginnings on the Baja California peninsula.
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The smart thing to do is what Spanos should have done from the outset — drop the team name, colors, and history and treat the move as if it was an expansion team (leaving the “Chargers” moniker to San Diego for some future ownership, a la the Browns). In LA, “Chargers” seem to be looked upon as interlopers and opportunists with no real connection to the city. Then again, Dean is an incredibly dim bulb, so that will never happen.

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Today was farmers market #8, 14 more to go. I am amazed at what my journey in this effort has brought me. A little story if I may. Two weeks ago this weekend, I stopped by the annual Aeneas Valley community garage sale held at our local volunteer fire station. When I pulled up there were 8 people sitting under a canopy chatting away the afternoon. I milled through the sale and listened to their idle chit chat. I picked up a HUGE cone from a tree and asked how much. A gal said, "you can have it". It was a good score. the cone is way bigger than a sugar pine cone. I went over to my truck and pulled out two flyers and walked back to the canopy and handed each person to the left and right of me a flyer and ask that they pass it along. I politely introduced myself and stated my concerns regarding geo engineering. 7 out of 8 of them looked at me like I had Rams horns or something. The one that did not had on a "high vis" t-shirt with the fire stations insignia on it. He didn't look puzzle or shaken by what he was looking at in his hands. I stated that I have a booth at the farmers market and will be there every market day if they have any questions about what they are experiencing. One of those folks even told me to my face that I was "full of shit" and a "conspiracy theorist". (At least it wasn't behind my back, I respect that much). Fast forward to this afternoon at my booth. The gentleman that did not have the deer in the head lights look at the fire hall showed up. We spent 30 minutes talking. This man taught me much and gave me much to think about in what our "real future" holds in store for us all. One of his first gestures he acted out when he walked up was to grab a flyer from the table and flip it over and pointed to the picture of the nozzles on the jet airplane. He said and I quote, "I've inspected the installation of thousands of these on all kinds of jet aircraft". My new friend was a Lazy B(boeing) aircraft inspector. He worked many productions of many large boeing aircraft for 30 years. He is also a Veteran. After meeting this man, I didn't feel so bad that I only shave once a week(grin). Never in a million years would I have guessed what info this man knows. Side note, I didn't see him walk off with any produce from the market. I will write more specifically of what I learned today when I get another chance to speak with my new friend. I want to be accurate when I write more. Right now, this evening, my head is spinning. Gotta tell ya folks, it is amazing what happens to our inner self when we go beyond our so called limitations. Turns out, there are no limitations except for the ones we believe are so. I wrote before that I quit wishing and started doing. That other hand was getting a little too full and stinky(smile).

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But if the NFL does at some point determine that the move from San Diego to LA was a “mistake” (which will be the fans’ fault, of course, or maybe the city’s… because the NFL does not make mistakes), there are several options available to them.