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Hinduism is the oldest religion in India. In fact, some of the Hindu gods were most likely worshipped by the people of ancient Harappa. When the Aryans came into India, they brought their beliefs, and the stories of their gods in their holy book, the Rig Veda.

The Aryans believed in re-incarnation. This means that they believed that people, when their lives are over, are re-born into something else. It could be another person or even an animal. What kind of re-birth you got depended on how well you worshipped the gods in this life.

Hinduism has many gods, but they are all believed to be the main god, Brahman, showing himself in different forms. Hinduism also has many different “sects”, or groups that believe different things. People in different regions may have completely different beliefs from each other, worship different gods, and have different rituals.

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The Ancient Greeks believed that all the gods came from Gaia (the Earth) and Uranos (the sky).They thought they were like adult humans - always falling in love, arguing, having children, playing music and partying. Like the , the Greeks believed that different gods were responsible for different things.

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By now you have realized that religion has played a big role in Indian history! The people of modern-day India mainly follow the Hindu religion, but there are also followers of Buddhism, Islam, Jainism and Christianity. Let’s look at each of these religions one by one.

In the ancient Greek world, religion was personal, direct, and present in all areas of life
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The Greeks, to show the gods how important they were, built temples in every town for one god or goddess. The temples were not like modern places of worship, for ordinary people to pray in. They were homes for statues of gods, which were cared for by priests. Religious ceremonies and festivals went on outside the temple.

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