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" It id proved, my lady Hero hath been falsely accused, the prince and Claudio mightly abused; and don Jon author of all, who has fled and gone" (Act V Scene II)
Beatrice and Benedick confess their love in front of everyone.

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The sharp contrast between Hero and Beatrice is what sets this scene into motion.
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Indeed, the play is about nothing; it follows the relationships of Claudio and Hero (which is constantly hampered by plots to disrupt it), and in the end, the play culminates in the two other main characters falling in love (Beatrice and Bena*censored*), which, because it was an event that was quite predictable, proves to be "much ado about nothing"....

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With this reader response, I would like to discuss my favorite scene with Beatrice telling Benedick how much she hates him; how I wonder whether or not Beatrice knows she is talking to Benedick; and finally, Balthasar’s song and how I believe that it could be a possible theme to the play.

Leonato, Claudio, and Don Pedro: They're are the reason Benedick rekindled his love for Beatrice.
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There is love at first sight with Hero and Claudio; there is love that develops with Benedick and Beatrice, evil scheming with Don John and his accomplices, Borachio and Conrad, and a very emotional and dramatic confusion that is the play’s namesake.

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At Claudio's and Hero's wedding Benedick and Beatrice unwillingly confess their love in front of everyone, and right after Claudio and Hero were married, so were Benedick and Beatrice.

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Come, I will have thee; but by this light, I take thee for pity."
" I would not deny you; but, by this good day I yield upon great persuasion, and partly to save your life, for I was told you were in a consumption" (Shakespeare Act 5 Scene 4).
I chose sour patch kids as the symbol because just like a sour patch, Beatrice and Benedicks' relationship was very sour.

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By the end, they were sweet and loving ,just like a sourpatch.
In the beginning of the story, Benedick and Beatrice had a relationship that you can hardly call it "friendship".

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Benedick the one funny, young and locked into a love- hate relationship with Beatrice who took an oath that he will always stay a bachelor and never going to marry anyone including Beatrice, but Beatrice is actually the true reason he gave this speech proud and loudly....

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Shakespeare also presents their love through the way Beatrice and Benedick speak and the specific language that he has used to describe their feelings....