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My visit to Turkey also provided me with awelcome opportunity to greet members of the Muslim community. Indeed it was myfirst visit as Pope to a predominantly Islamic country. I was glad to be ableto express my esteem for Muslims and to reiterate the commitment of the CatholicChurch to carry forward inter-religious dialogue in a spirit of mutual respectand friendship, bearing joint witness to the firm faith in God thatcharacterizes Christians and Muslims, and striving to know one another betterso as to strengthen the bonds of affection between us (cf. , Ankara,28 November 2006). It is my fervent prayer that this process will lead togreater trust between individuals, communities, and peoples, especially in thetroubled areas of the Middle East…"

In Islam, man is not made in the image of God.

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of the whole of humanity being one family of God

In the West, some changes are observed in the attitudes of some intellectuals and clerics toward Islam. I must particularly mention the late Massignon, who referred to Islam by the expression: “The faith of Abraham revived with Muhammad.” He believed that Islam has a positive, almost prophetic mission in the post-Christian world, for: “Islam is the religion of faith. It is not a religion of natural faith in the God of the philosophers, but faith in the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Ishmael, faith in our God. Islam is a great mystery of Divine Will.” Together with Christian clerics and men of religion, many Western thinkers besides Massignon, like Charles J. Ledit, Y. Moubarac, Irene-M. Dalmais, L. Gardet, Norman Daniel, Michel Lelong, H. Maurier, Olivier Lacombe, and Thomas Merton express warmth for both Islam and for our Prophet.

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This leads Muslims to oppose and resent the West. However, modern modes of transportation and mass communication have turned the world into a global village in which every relationship is interactive. The West cannot wipe out Islam or its territory, and Muslim armies can no longer march on the West. Moreover, as this world is becoming even more global, both sides feel the need for a give-and-take relationship. Islam, as represented by the Holy Book and the Sunna of the Prophet, has retained the freshness of its beliefs, spiritual essence, good works, and morality as it has unfolded over the last fourteen centuries. In addition, it has the potential to blow spirit and life into Muslims who have been numbed for centuries, as well as into many other peoples drowned in the swamp of materialism. Just as religion has not yet escaped the onslaught of unbelief based on science and philosophy, no one can guarantee that this storm will not blow even stronger in the future. These and other factors do not allow Muslims to view and present Islam purely as a political ideology or an economic system.

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When it is said that Islam means to surrender to God, ..

94. The Synod Fathers highlighted the complexityof the Muslim presence on the African continent. In some countries, goodrelations exist between Christians and Muslims; in others, the local Christiansare merely second-class citizens, and Catholics from abroad, religious and lay,have difficulty obtaining visas and residence permits; in some, there isinsufficient distinction between the religious and political spheres, while inothers, finally, there is a climate of hostility. I call upon the Church, inevery situation, to persist in esteem for Muslims, who "worship God who is one,living and subsist

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“In a world deeply marked by violence, it is bitterly ironic that even now some of the worst conflicts are between believers who worship the one God, who look to Abraham as a holy patriarch and who seek to follow the Law of Sinai. Each act of violence makes it more urgent for Muslims and Christians everywhere to recognize the things we have in common, to bear witness that we are all creatures of the one merciful God, and to agree once and for all that recourse to violence in the name of religion is completely unacceptable. Especially when religious identity coincides with cultural and ethnic identity it is a solemn duty of believers to ensure that religious sentiment is not used as an excuse for hatred and conflict. Religion is the enemy of exclusion and discrimination; it seeks the good of everyone and therefore ought to be a stimulus for solidarity and harmony between individuals and among peoples”

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