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As soon as appeared, it was obvious that a thorough and proper rebuttal was in order. Just such a response came in less than a year, from the pen of Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D. (physical chemistry), appropriately entitled Sarfati’s book addresses not only the same teachers targeted by the NAS’s book, but also their prospective students and the lay science enthusiast alike.

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Though brief, Sarfati’s treatment adequately equips the reader to recognize that interpretations of empirical science are by no means free from philosophical bias. Whereas the NAS seems to assume the typical evolutionist posture—pretending to represent pure, unbiased, philosophy-free science (in the face of a predominantly religious threat)— exposes this pretense for what it is, undoing the highly popularized myths that practitioners of science are devoid of any philosophical/religious predispositions and that the creationary framework is, by definition, somehow less scientific than its evolutionary counterpart.

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Having established a basis for understanding the roles played by bias and philosophy in scientific interpretations, methodically moves through eight additional chapters, each of which directly addresses a major argument found in the NAS publication. Whereas the “distinguished scholars” seem to have been intent on presenting only that philosophically limited interpretation of the empirical data supporting a predisposition towards naturalism, Sarfati exposes both their bias and its blinding effect, demonstrating that the empirical data fall short of lending the popularly touted exclusive or “overwhelming” support claimed for evolution.

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The first chapter of roughly defines for the reader a framework through which the influences of religion/philosophy and bias in science may be more easily recognized. Whereas largely ignores these influencing factors in order to advance the philosophical bias of the NAS, Sarfati levels the field with a brief account of science history and philosophy, including the undeniable—albeit often ignored—role of biblical Christian philosophy in the founding of the modern sciences.

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