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Under that legislation, the 10 remaining Southern states (Tennessee had been readmitted to the Union in 1866) were divided into five military districts; and, under supervision of the U.S.

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Johnson and the U.S. Congress clashed over Reconstruction policy. Congress wanted full citizenship and civil rights for freedmen, while Johnson did not. Congressional Republicans overrode Johnson's veto to pass Reconstruction acts, which placed the southern states, except Tennessee, under military control, disfranchised many former Confederates, and required states to revise their constitutions to enfranchise freedmen. When these states were reorganized under their new constitutions, they were required to ratify the 14th Amendment, which would allow them to regain their seats in Congress. North Carolina ratified the 14th Amendment on July 4, 1868 and was readmitted to the Union.

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In time, the North abandoned its commitment to protect the rights of the former slaves, Reconstruction came to an end, and white supremacy was restored throughout the South.

The Radicals' Abandonment of the Negro During Reconstruction. (Apr. 1960): 88-102.

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The immediate strategy of 'sGovernment and part of a greater strategy to straggle the Confederacy, known asthewas the Union blockade. 'shuge coastline and extreme distance from the North made it impossible todefend. , the only Floridian in the Rebel Cabinet, had toreject attempts to protect 'shuge coastline. The South had no battleships and whatever coastal defensescould be constructed, they had to be utilized to protect and .

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The Intercept reports that it has received photos that show a USACE-controlled warehouse with a surplus of materials. UTIER, the electric utility workers’ union in Puerto Rico, sent photos alleging that the warehouse had concrete and other material badly needed by recovery effort. 

Rather than passive victims of the actions of others, African Americans were active agents in shaping Reconstruction.

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With theDemocrats running three candidates in 1860, Abraham Lincoln and the Republicanswon the White House and took control of dozens of Congressional seats held inthe North and by Democrats. did notwait to discover what the Republicans would do with Congress, but elected tovote on secession and called for votes in the other slave states.

Governor Perry called in January of 1861 in to decide upon 'sfuture. The men who came represented mostly the rich, conservative order of thestate. Of the 69 delegates, 58 were slave owners. Perry was so certain the planters would win the vote, he ordered the seizure of the Federal arsenal at Chattahoochee and all Federal coastal forts. The poorly manned forts at Saint Augustine and Fernandina were easy to occupy, but Fort Taylor on Key West was guarded by Union ships. The Pensacola forts would be another issue.

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The Southwaited the new President's actions and discovered that was determined to preserve the and tomaintain, if only for symbolic status, whatever Federal sites were left in theSouth. The firing on Union supplies atin official placed the North and theSouth in a Civil War. It was almost a relief to leaders to know the fate of theConfederacy. left the Union and asrichest and largest Confederate state got the capital switched to .