What Are the Reasons for Supporting the Death Penalty?

Since an estimated 80% of child sexual assaults are committed by family members, groups like Amacher's are concerned that mandatory sentence laws, not to mention the death penalty, might dissuade certain people from reporting abuse to authorities.

The Death Penalty in United States of America

Georgia that the death penalty in rape cases was cruel and unusual punishment.
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Terrorism-Related Offenses Not Resulting in Death.
A few states provide the death penalty for offenses such as aircraft hijacking or sabotage; such penalties might not survive a constitutional challenge after Kennedy v. Louisiana.

Reasons for implementing the death penalty

Under the Constitution, treasonable offenses consist only of waging war against the nation or giving aid and comfort to her enemies, and no one may be convicted of treason except on the testimony of two witnesses to the same act or on confession in an open court of law. Treason can be punished by death under federal law. Several States provide that treason is a capital offense.

Kennedy, who faces the death penalty after being convicted in 2003 of raping an eight-year-old.
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Reasons for implementing the Death Penalty ..

Terrorism-Related Offenses Resulting in Death.
The federal death penalty applies for destruction of motor vehicles or aircraft or facilities for such vehicles and craft, if death is a result of the offense. Use of a device, substance or weapon at an aircraft facility in an act of violence against persons or destruction of facilities, resulting in death can be punished by death. “Terrorist attacks and other violence against railroad carriers and against mass transportation systems on land, on water, or through the air,” resulting in death, can be punished by death. Terrorist murder of a U.S. national is punishable by death in accordance with 18 U.S.C. 1111. Use of a weapon of mass destruction, resulting in death, can be punished by death.

Some states might apply the death penalty for possibly terrorism-related offenses such as train derailing or aircraft hijacking.

Capital Punishment--The Death Penalty: Pro and Anti

Capital punishment is still enforced in many countries, such as the USA and China. We discuss the pros and cons of death penalty and whether it should be abolished. If you care about this issue, leave your comments and share the debate.Capital punishment is at the centre of one of the most significant moral debates in modern societies. Theorists and proponents of, both, have historically discussed whether it is morally acceptable for the state to execute people, and if so under what circumstances. Although the death penalty has been abolished, either by law or practice, by , it is still used in a big part of the world. According to , the number of countries implementing executions each year over the last couple of years is 22.China has been consistently the country with the most executions and the USA is among the five top executioners. Murder and drug-trafficking are the most common crimes punishable by , although in some countries adultery, witchcraft, or political activism can also incur capital punishment. Lethal injections, hanging, shooting, and electrocutions are some of the most common methods used for the death penalty.These arguments are rebuked by opponents of capital punishment.It is for these reasons that opponents of the sentence ask for the death penalty to be abolished.

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Pregnant Women.
The federal death penalty cannot be executed upon a pregnant woman. When the U.S. acceded to the ICCPR, it explicitly acknowledged that pregnant women should be excluded from the death penalty. Congress has not yet enacted a law giving domestic effect in the states to this provision, although the exclusion at common law traces back to the ancient writ de ventre inspiciendo (“to inspect the belly”), which protected women in noticeable stages of pregnancy, and has been adopted into the statutory law of states without regard to whether the woman is “quick with child” (the pregnancy is noticeable).

10 Reasons Death Penalty Abolition is Coming

War crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.
Genocide resulting in death (the offense of genocide includes non-deadly measures taken against the long-term survival, welfare or cohesion of a group) is punishable by death under federal law.