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On the fifth day, Marlowe and the police settle accounts. Then General Sternwood confirms Marlowe's assignment to find Regan. On his way out he meets Carmen, whom he takes down to an abandoned oil well to practice her marksmanship. When she fires the five blanks he loaded into her gun at him, Marlowe knows who killed Regan. He confronts Vivian, not the General, with the facts. Carmen killed Regan because he refused, as Marlowe did, to sleep with her. Vivian called Eddie Mars to help her dispose of his body – he dumped it in the oil well's sump, then sent his wife to the desert to make it appear that Regan had run off with her. Then Mars set up the General for blackmail, to see if he knew of the murder. At the novel's end, Marlowe broods on death – "the big sleep" – and Mona, who helped him to avoid it.

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By 1945 Chandler was earning enough that he paid $50,000 in income tax. 15 It was also the year that Alan Ladd, Paramount's star, was due to enter the service, and the studio wanted him to star in a big movie before he left. Chandler, paid $1,000 a week for 26-weeks a year on his new, three-year contract, was to write the story, and in less than two weeks he did. But turning it into a production script was different. Director George Marshall and producer John Houseman grew nervous because Ladd was leaving in ten days. Chandler was called in and offered a $5,000 bonus to accelerate; he considered this a "bribe" and almost quit, but he didn't want to put English public school compatriot Houseman on the spot. 16

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14/06/2010 · Raymond Chandler's LA is the La-La land of The Big Sleep, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, sleazy hotels and office doors with frosted glass

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