And "it is almost an axiom of human society that ...

- Flying saucer mythology took hold in a big way in the 1950s, wrapped in gaudy pulp covers and flashed on movie screens. Jack Parsons, the CalTech rocket pioneer and high priest of the OTO's Agape Lodge in Pasadena - and one of the first Americans to report a UFO sighting - was addicted to science fiction. He regularly attended meetings of the L.A. Fantasy and Science Fiction Society, where in 1945 the black adept (he took "the Oath of the Anti-Christ" in 1949) met Lt. Commander L. Ron Hubbard, who made "alien" visitations an integral part of a religious doctrine he called Scientology.

Clandestine societies pay close attention to the teachings of

 Racism Worldwide: Hegelian Dialectics, Fascist Internationale, Zionism, Nazism
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The result can be hate-crimes, division of society, and even war.

So on the eve of the birthday of the biggest monster in the history of all mankind, lest we forget and allow the historical revisionists any leeway, and with all of the historical revisionism and newfound tolerance for racism that is spreading throughout the world like a cancer on the wave of spreading American “democracy”, let me ask you all one more question, okay two; why would we then tolerate a sick individual making a portrait of the killer of Trayvon Martin with Skittles and then pretending to be sympathetic with the devil because he had a history of mental problems?

We are fighting for recognition as free humans in this society."

What about if someone took the skulls of dead American Indians, a people destroyed by genocide and driven from their lands, and used them to make book ends, or candle holders, or start secret societies, where hate is worshipped and glorified, and even made into a code of conduct for some twisted and sick secret society bent on world domination through hate and death and manipulation.

We are fighting for recognition...for the right to live as free humans in this society."
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-although dead societies leave behind cultural remains that are ..

It reminds one of the old racist European scheme of raiding the ancient treasures of Benin, the Ashanti and the Nubians of Sudan (sounds familiar??), carrying off statues and artworks in gold, bronze, ivory, iron and other metals, carrying off scrolls, tablets, parchment books and other artefacts, taking stone and terracotta carvings, finding statues and statuettes and breaking off the noses and faces (as some is being accused of doing in Sudan today, and as the one group was accused of doing to the Buddha statue in Afghanistan), after the ravaging of Black culture is completed, then saying Blacks have no hhistory, civilization and culture.

According to "A History of Racism and Terrorism, Rebellion and Overcoming," pub.

Racism in the Arab world covers an array of forms of intolerance ..

To the extent that racial bias affects our personal attitudes and judgments, to the extent that we allow another's race to influence our relationship and limit our openness, to the extent that we see yet close our hearts to our brothers and sisters in need, (22) - to that extent we are called to conversion and renewal in love and justice.

As individuals we should try to influence the attitudes of others by expressly rejecting racial stereotypes, racial slurs and racial jokes. We should influence the members of our families, especially our children, to be sensitive to the authentic human values and cultural contributions of each racial grouping in our country.

We should become more sensitive ourselves and thereby sensitize our acquaintances by learning more about how social structures inhibit the economic, educational, and social advancement of the poor. We should make a personal commitment to join with others in political efforts to bring about justice for the victims of such deprivation.

It seemed obvious that in Western societies natural selection had ..

Concern for vocations from minority groups and the preparation of priests to serve in a multi-cultural and multi-racial society has been previously expressed in The Program for Priestly Formation, which was developed and approved by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, 1976.