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Lack of Responsible White Congressional Leadership and the Politics of Power

While the courts have suggested African American reparations would be better achieved via congressional legislation, the white congressional leadership has been reluctant to even discuss the possibility of reparations for the past wrongs of America, indeed White America.

Racism and Human Rights: An Approach to Reparations

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In addition, these arguments of the injustice of shifting generational responsibility were ignored when reparations for Japanese Americans were paid by all U.S.

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However, this argument, proponents of African American reparations assert, does not comport with other comparative issues, including the national debt, for which all Americans must continue to pay despite its partial creation by other generations.

The Benefits of Redressing Racism With Race-Neutral Remedies

Fearful of the approaching status of white Americans as a minority, the Supreme Court has worked to include White Americans as potential victims worthy of protection of the same laws originally designed to protect African Americans and other racial "minorities." One authority stated, "This bait-and-switch maneuver - using a multiminority context to assert the rights of whites as if they were no different from any other minority group - has become a signature of recent Supreme Court cases."

For example, although the Court in United Jewish Organizations v.

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As such, this is a difficult position for White America, and the record of the white congressional leadership reveals little effort or even interest in repairing or discussing reparations - the justifications, the continuing problems, the "pros" and "cons" of reparations, and the potential alternatives.

Its racism should be fully understood.

African American reparations requires an admission of wrongdoing and an attendant guilt, which are in-and-of-themselves difficult for White America to accept.

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Both West and Bell suggest that the counterattacks and resulting hypocrisy that emerge from the tension between reparations and its leveling effect do little to solve the racial problems that continue in this country.

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The tables are often turned to blame African Americans for their progress by asserting claims of being unqualified, and requests for reparations are termed reverse discrimination and their proponents racists.

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The Supreme Court in Shaw, a white vote dilution case, included whites as potential victims of racial discrimination when it argued for the elimination of all overt racial classifications as part of the effort to develop and maintain a multiracial, colorblind democracy.