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Less than a month after turning 30 in 1962, Mr. Kennedy declared his candidacy for the remaining two years of his brother’s Senate term. He entered the race with a tailwind of family money and political prominence. Nevertheless, Edward J. McCormack Jr., the state’s attorney general and a nephew of John W. McCormack, then speaker of the , also decided to go after the seat.

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but his words and his work live on, so long as he is being read

While Buber most famously understood the I-Thou relationship as onebased on immediacy, he always steeped his thought in the power ofmediating images and other plastic forms as the material stuff ofinter-subjective relationship. In the essay "Man and his Image-Work,"Buber set out to understand something about the formation of images inrelation to the world, the world encompassed by art, faith, love, andphilosophy. Buber postulated three levels of world formation. The firsttwo levels are the familiar Kantian concepts of a noumenal“x” world and a phenomenal sense-world of form, comprisingthe world as shaped by and in images and concepts. Buber'sconception of the third level, what he calls the world of perfect form,derives from the mystical tradition. This paradoxical level of worldformation is expressed in terms of perfected form-relations. In art,faith, and philosophy, the human image-work emerges out of relationalencounters between persons and an independent "world" that exists onits own, but is not imaginable.

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An article last Sunday about the death of Edward M. Kennedy in August misstated the length of his tenure in the Senate. He served 47 years, not 46 years. (The error appeared in Mr. Kennedy’s obituary and another article, about memories of the Senator, on Aug. 27, and also in an editorial that day. The error was repeated in an article on Aug. 28 about how the Senate had changed during the time he served.) The article also referred incorrectly to the assassination of his brother President John F. Kennedy. The president was assassinated in 1963, the year after Edward Kennedy was elected to the Senate — not the same year.

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On July 15, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, which Mr. Kennedy headed, passed health care legislation, and the battle over the proposed overhaul is now consuming Capitol Hill.

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Born to one of the wealthiest American families, Mr. Kennedy spoke for the downtrodden in his public life while living the heedless private life of a playboy and a rake for many of his years. Dismissed early in his career as a lightweight and an unworthy successor to his revered brothers, he grew in stature over time by sheer longevity and by hewing to liberal principles while often crossing the partisan aisle to enact legislation. A man of unbridled appetites at times, he nevertheless brought a discipline to his public work that resulted in an impressive catalog of legislative achievement across a broad landscape of social policy.

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Mr. Kennedy left his mark on legislation concerning civil rights, health care, education, voting rights and labor. He was chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions at his death. But he was more than a legislator. He was a living legend whose presence ensured a crowd and whose hovering figure haunted many a president.