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(For examples of project-based classrooms, see the or .) Teachers are expected to orchestrate a classroom in which students pursue different questions, work at different speeds, use different materials, and work in flexible groups.

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Classroom learning provides interactive classroom setting that promotes the open exchange of ideas. Having numerous students learning in the same classroom has the added benefit of allowing students to exchange ideas and questions with one another providing another valuable learning medium that online environments cannot replicate. First-hand interaction with the educating professor also allows for ideas to be exchanged freely and without any communication barriers.

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One unusual answer is that the candidate hated school and wants to be sure some other children love it.

Another possible question is “how would you prepare your classroom?” The candidate should take about two minutes to answer, and give information that will show their philosophy of teaching, organizational skills and attitude towards the students.

Sep 03, 2011 · But, she said, computers play an important role in helping students get their ideas down more easily, edit their work so they can see instant improvement, and share it with the class. She uses a document camera to display a student’s paper at the front of the room for others to dissect.
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Since class sizes are usually fairly large and there is only one instructor, passive learning may take place. When shy students feel a lack of confidence, they often do not respond to questions they may have the answer to. The more vocal students might dominate the mass of classroom discussion, also forcing shy students to have problems grasping higher order learning skills and critical thinking.

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