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Spokeo did not provide a bright-line rule squarely prohibiting plaintiffs from suing for intangible injuries. Accordingly, lower courts have continued to grapple with its application in the data privacy space. There appears to be an emerging pro-plaintiff consensus in VPPA and TCPA actions, and courts have continued to favor defendants in retention suits. However, the circuit courts have adopted divergent views on whether data breaches resulting in stolen personal information and the associated risk of future identity theft are, by themselves, enough to confer standing absent allegations of present harm. On December 6, 2017, Spokeo again petitioned for certiorari and sought review of the Ninth Circuit’s latest standing determination. However, shortly before publication of this review, the Supreme Court rejected Spokeo’s petition, thereby declining the opportunity to clarify its precedent.

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Democracy has become, for many Americans, an unquestionable positive

Following the public announcement of the Equifax breach in September, Massachusetts became the first state to sue Equifax, claiming that Equifax failed to maintain the appropriate safeguards to protect consumer data, despite being aware of the vulnerabilities in its system for months. On November 30, 2017, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation held a hearing on the pending motion to consolidate and transfer the numerous cases filed (and cases to be filed in the future) against Equifax to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, near the company’s headquarters in Atlanta.

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This fall, Governor Cuomo directed the NYDFS to extend the regulations to credit bureaus, expanding the reach of both the rules and the NYDFS itself, which had not previously had oversight over credit reporting agencies. Under the proposed regulation, all consumer credit reporting bureaus that operate in New York must register with the NYDFS annually, beginning on or before February 1, 2018. The compliance schedule will begin on April 4, 2018.

However, no suchconsultation was provided in the matter of appointment of the judicial membersand revenue members.
Right now, this reads “All of the cons outweigh the pros for sure for us.” Think you want it to say the reverse?

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Hi Liz! Thanks for taking the time to write this review! This for sure would have come in handy while I was also shopping for my IKEA Ektorp sectional a few years ago, so thank you for giving people a place to hear the pros and cons of this couch. We love our Ektorp sectional as well. We have the slipcover in Risane Natural and as much as I love the colour and the look I feel like it has shrank quite a bit. The fabric doesn’t touch the floors like yours do in the photos anymore. I did wash and dry them as suggested so I’m not too sure if it’s just this particular matierial in this new colour:(. Either way I’m still so happy with it overall as well and loved that I could buy a Pottery Barn looking sectional (in Canada) for $1200!! All the best Liz:)

The matter related to the appointment ofjudicial and revenue members to the Special Court constituted under section 7of the A.P.

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Office of Personnel Management . The District Court for the District of Columbia dismissed a class action data breach suit stemming from the attack against the Office of Personnel Management, which compromised the personal data of current, former, and prospective U.S. government employees. The court ruled that the theft of data alone was not enough to establish standing for the class and that they must allege unreimbursed out-of-pocket expenses from the alleged identity theft to state an injury in fact. While the court held that two plaintiffs had alleged such expenses, it found that their claims were insufficient to establish standing because they had not sufficiently tied those injuries to the breach. The court also dismissed the case on sovereign immunity and contractor immunity grounds, and found that the complaint failed to state a claim under the Privacy Act, the Little Tucker Act, and the Constitution. Gibson Dunn represented OPM’s co-defendant, contractor KeyPoint Government Solutions, in this litigation.

Every state has some beautiful areas IF YOU LOOK for them and every state has pros and cons in a lot of areas and no state is the perfect prepper paradise.

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Good review Liz. I have a ektorp sofa with a striped red and white slipcovers. I completely agree with the points regarding the pros and cons. My concern is regarding the time and effort involved in washing the slipcovers. With two of my children and their pets, it’s sometimes impossible to get them washed regularly. Buying a new slipcover with a different color might solve the issues but i think Do you have any suggestion on leather sofas?