Violence has become popular among most rappers in the rap industry.

Studies have also found that heavy metal music and gansta rap influence mens attitudes towards women and that increased exposure to videos containing interpersonal violence against women tended to increase men's acceptance of rape myths such as she was dressing like she wanted it or she brought it on herself.

The 1970's brought folk music and disco, and in the 80's it was rap.

Times have changed, and the way music and lyrics are perceived has developed in a violent fashion.

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In this assignment, I will be writing about whether or not media such as television, comic books, music, video games, internet and movies influence violence in the way children behaves.

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The studies did conclude that women who were often subjected to violent music videos were more accepting of violence than those who have not had constant viewing or listening to such lyrics and images.

Of the social impacts that music is blamed for, violence is the most shocking.

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Repeated and long-term exposure to this stereotypical behavior in rap music lyrics can lead to increased aggression and this stereotype becoming accepted as a social norm by African-Americans.

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Substance use was most frequently featured in rap music and most rarely portrayed in pop music. Country music played up humor in drinking songs.

"The average adolescent listening wholly to pop would be exposed to five references per day, whereas the average adolescent listening wholly to rap would be exposed to 251 references per day," Primack and colleagues write.

How does that music influence teens? This study didn't go there; it was all about lyrics, not teen behavior.

But the findings may inspire anti-drug messages for teens. For instance, the researchers suggest enlisting a rap artist to speak about the dangers of marijuana use, since marijuana is a common theme in rap music. The study appears in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.

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Some have blamed the problem, at least partly, on often-violent lyrics in rap songs, which sometimes glorify the violence. But one new effort is trying to turn that theory around.

The facts of these and other instances of youth violence parallel the music these boys consumed....

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Though some experts claim that family structures are the cause for youth violence, many notice that video games, music, and television are increasing violence in youth today....

"Contemporary Urban Music: Controversial Messages in Hip-Hop and Rap Lyrics." Etc, vol.

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Rap music becoming popular can have a negative effect on the youth because young teenagers and young adults follow these rappers and the lyrics they promote.

The Influence of Rap Music: African American Adult Males' Perceptions of Females.

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(WebMD)Teens tuned in to popular music are getting an earful about drinking, smoking, and using other drugs. A new study shows that one-third of the most popular songs referred to alcohol, tobacco, or other substances.

The average teen listening to popular songs hears 84 daily references, 591 weekly references, and more than 30,700 yearly references in music to substance use, according to the study.

The University of Pittsburgh's Brian Primack, MD, EdM, and colleagues reviewed music lyrics for the 279 most popular pop, rock, rap, R&B/hip-hop, and country songs of 2005, according to Billboard magazine.

Of those songs: