Address problems that arise during the time that the student is taking the exam/assignment, by first trying to contact the instructor or, by taking note of the problem and what measures were taken to resolve the problem. This report should be emailed to the instructor and the Coordinator of Distance Education.

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Proctors must check that the computer and Internet set-ups students will be using meet.
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TSC Associates was founded in 2009 as a consulting firm specializing in training and risk management for the hospitality industry. Having held positions in sales, sales management, marketing and training, the principles of TSC Associates have combined experience of over 60 years in both the institutional and retail food service industry . Your company’s protection and longevity is our number one priority.

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In order to provide the highest quality training we make certain we provide an energetic atmosphere for learning utilizing the latest materials and information available. We have also taken the necessary steps to become approved by the National Restaurant Association as Certified ServSafe Instructor/Proctors, as well as being approved ServSafe Alcohol Instructor/Proctors.

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Welcome to the Online Service Center @ Cuyahoga Community College! Live Chat provides users with general information about the enrollment processes at Tri-C

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Not extend time to students unable to complete the exam/assignment because of technical problems or who run out of time. These students must contact their teacher to resolve the issue.

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Serving as a 9th grade Proctor is a privilege at Rectory that a student earns through hard work, dedication, and a clear commitment to our community. Each spring, a series of interviews follow the application process for our interested eighth-grade students, with the final selections made by a panel of faculty members. Once chosen, Rectory Proctors act as a bridge between the students and dorm parents, fulfilling the role of mentors and big brothers/sisters to their dorm mates. Often, the responsibilities include helping students acclimate to boarding school life; they may listen to the concerns of a homesick student, help a dorm mate learn how to clean a room and make his/her bed properly, or teach a young boy how to wear a tie. The expectations of our Proctors are high, and this esteemed group does not disappoint. Leading by example and acting as a role model is of paramount importance and are just two of the ways Proctors can give back to the Rectory community, their home away from home.

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Arrange for a qualified person to cover for them in the DEPC should they not be able to make their scheduled time. For last minute emergencies, they can contact the DE Coordinator for help in reaching out to other proctors. When making these arrangements, please CC the DE Coordinator.

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QRS offers ServSafe® online exams with certificates available to print the same day! We prepare you to take the food safety exam by providing reliable training materials, flexible exam options, and expert food safety educators and proctors.

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Non-testing students who want to use the lab: the lab is only for students taking online exams. Students can use the lab if the DEPC is not open for testing or there is not a class in the room.