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It's free! There is absolutely no cost for customers utilizing the online refill system. We deliver your prescriptions in a secure, hasslefree way while saving no identifying information online.

Dear Steve, I suffer from chronic lower back pain

Figure 2. Prescription altered to change the number of refills from one to four

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10. Curbing distribution. Specific efforts have been made to limit the dosage or distribution of a particular drug in a target population or region. For instance, Florida and four other states limit OxyContin prescriptions to 120 pills per month per patient. Besides dosage, the number of refills could be limited. When prescribers do not specify a refill number, patients can illegally add one. Another method is to limit distribution via a specialized dispensing machine. One example is the "Automated Dispensing System" which is provided by pharmacies to long-term care facilities in several states. These types of electronic pill dispensers also allow physicians to monitor usage.


An extensive study of Maine's PMP found that prescribers have used PMP data to confirm doctor shopping, and make referrals for substance abuse. It also found that "a chilling effect has not occurred." Michigan found that its electronic system reduced handling time and did not increase cost, and a satisfaction survey conducted in Kentucky revealed that "nearly 90 percent of prescribers have used a Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting (KASPER) report to help with the decision to deny medication to patients" and 94 percent of police strongly or somewhat agree that KASPER is an effective tool for obtaining evidence in the investigative process.

The process of prescribing, filling and picking up a prescription medicine is complex

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We know the regulations and will handle getting the lawful prescription from the appropriate Healthcare professional, usually the doctor. However, it is important that you provide us as much information as possible during your such that we can facilitate the prescription process avoiding delays.

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In some cases these drugs require special prescriber authority and a special prescription process, in the case of Scheduled II drugs we do not fill these prescriptions.

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We do not bill you or your credit card for co-pay or deductible amounts until we have received an authorization of services from your carrier prescription plan and have completed our prescription process thus assuring you that we will fill your prescription and send it to you.

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If the pharmacy seems busy or you don't want to ask about something personal in front of other people, you can always call the pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist after you leave. Mention that you just filled your prescription there and you have questions.

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If you're away at school or you'll be traveling, you might want to fill your prescription at a large chain pharmacy. Most chains use one prescription database for all their stores, allowing you to pick up prescriptions at different stores in the same chain.

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Increasing administrative responsibilities—due to regulatory pressures and evolving payment and care delivery models—reduce the amount of time physicians spend delivering direct patient care. Patient registration typically involves mailing registration packets to patients before their appointments and asking them to fill them out prior to their appointments; however, the patients often bring them to their appointments without filling them out, leading to delays in care and backups in the clinic’s schedule. This also leads to many primary care providers not having adequate time with their new patients nor time to familiarize themselves with their patient’s current health status. This calls for a new process that does not put the onus on the patient.