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Example: An individual who uses a wheelchair calls to report a crime, and is told that the police station is inaccessible, but that the police department has a policy whereby a police officer will meet individuals with disabilities in the parking lot. The individual arrives at the parking lot, waits there for three hours, becomes frustrated, and leaves. By neglecting to adequately train officers about its policy, the police department has failed in its obligation to provide equal access to police services, and has lost valuable information necessary for effective law enforcement.

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Not only is law enforcement physically demanding but it is also emotionally demanding.

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Step 3:
The Colonel (Deputy Director of Law Enforcement) will interview the applicants who pass the Written Exam and Physical Agility Test. The Colonel will make the final selections and the successful candidates must then pass an extensive background investigation. Note: Applicants will be in Columbia and away from his/her present job on at least 3 occasions during the selection process.

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Even in these difficult situations a good law enforcement professional will always maintain his or her composure and manage the situation with the least amount of physical force necessary while complying with all relevant procedures and laws.

Good law enforcement officers are also good at taking educated risks and finding creative solutions to problems.

Excellent vision (20/30 or better in each eye with or without corrective lenses) is also a requirement to be a law enforcement officer.

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Step 4:
Once an applicant is successful on the above and is conditionally offered the position of DNR Law Enforcement Officer, a medical examination, color blindness test, drug screen, and psychological test will be administered at no cost to the applicant. The applicant must meet the physical and psychological standards set by the department for this position. Such requirements include good hearing, night vision and eyesight correctable to 20/20.

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A good law enforcement professional should be driven by a strong and sincere motivation to help better other peoples' lives and situations, protect those who cannot protect themselves, and make a positive difference in the world be it large or small.

Law enforcement officers (police officers) must physically and mentally fit at all times in order to effectively carryout their duties.

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Also, many school and law enforcement partnerships have been formed in response to the increase in school crime. The role of police on school campuses has changed over the years. Their presence on school campuses often includes involvement in student development rather than just a response to "trouble." This involvement is known as the Jeopardy Program. This is a gang prevention program for boys and girls ages 8 through 17 and their parents. The goals of jeopardy are as follows:

Law enforcement officers must be able to think quickly and act decisively while simultaneously uploading the law.

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GAO found that: (1) federal law enforcement managers and recruiters did not routinely maintain data identifying personnel trends, but still perceived a significant support staff recruiting problem; (2) 44 percent of the law enforcement managers experienced problems recruiting sufficient qualified support staff, with recruitment being the third most cited problem overall; (3) long-standing vacancies disrupted office operations and diminished overall efficiency; (4) federal law enforcement officials believed that noncompetitive entry-level salaries and stringent hiring standards made recruiting more difficult and expensive for law enforcement agencies; (5) support staff turnover statistics varied between law enforcement and non-law enforcement agencies, primarily because of Federal Bureau of Investigation quit rates; and (6) a 1989 report established that there was a pay gap averaging 29 percent between federal salaries and private salaries for all positions, indicating that federal sector pay was much less than pay in the private sector.

Despite the best preparation and training, law enforcement officers face many situations in the field that they have not confronting previously.

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Good law enforcement officers demonstrate their commitment by continually assisting those in the community notwithstanding the inherent risk and dangers of the job.

Law enforcement officers often find themselves dealing with those elements of society that refuse to obey the law.