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Prior to his 22 years in the conflict resolution field, Tim founded and grew two successful businesses, one to 150+ employees doing business domestically and internationally. From that experience, he has first-hand understanding of the dynamics and stresses of the workplace, the challenges of management and supervision, and the pressures and demands of business partnerships. From 2006 to 2014, Tim was the first director of the Master's degree program in Conflict and Dispute Resolution at the University of Oregon, building it to a position of national prominence.

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Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) was originated by Dr. Ross Greene and subsequently developed by Dr. Greene and Dr. Stuart Ablon, and their associates at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Harvard Medical School. It is a method of conflict resolution that was originally developed for working with very difficult children. As more people have learned CPS, it has been applied in an increasingly wide range of settings with diverse populations and provocative results. Its effectiveness has been demonstrated everywhere from homes and schools to residential treatment facilities, hospitals and even corrections facilities. We have found this approach to be coherent, accessible, and applicable to the workplace setting.

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Managers also need to have and to communicate a clear philosophy of conflict management.

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Our description of Plan B below differs somewhat from how Plan B is described in working with challenging kids. The modifications to Plan B flow from our experience applying it in the workplace. Plan B consists of two phases. In the first phase, the manager and staff member form a collaborative relationship. They take turns working towards a mutual definition of their problem. This definition serves as the basis for entering into the second phase, which is negotiation and problem solving. The first phase generally takes a lot longer than the second. It’s a lot like painting a room in a house. To paint well, two-thirds of the time needs to be spent prepping. Only one-third of the time will actually be devoted to applying the paint. The same holds true for two people trying to solve a problem. It is the “prep work” that makes the difference between an effort that lasts and one that just buys a little time until the next conflict. Although the first phase of Plan B is broken into three steps, it is often necessary to go back and forth between steps to complete this prep work. Plan B should be thought of as a process, not a technique.

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What chiefly distinguishes the empirical researchon decision making and problem solving from the prescriptiveapproaches derived from SEU theory is the attention that theformer gives to the limits on human rationality. These limits areimposed by the complexity of the world in which we live, theincompleteness and inadequacy of human knowledge, theinconsistencies of individual preference and belief, theconflicts of value among people and groups of people, and theinadequacy of the computations we can carry out, even with theaid of the most powerful computers. The real world of humandecisions is not a world of ideal gases, frictionless planes, orvacuums. To bring it within the scope of human thinking powers,we must simplify our problem formulations drastically, evenleaving out much or most of what is potentially relevant.

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In sum, the pattern of support for research in thisfield shows a healthy diversity but no agency with a clear leadresponsibility, unless it be the rather modestly funded programin decision and management sciences at NSF. Perhaps the largestscale of support has been provided by DARPA, where decisionmaking and problem solving are only components within the largerarea of artificial intelligence and certainly not highly visibleresearch targets.

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Get steps for problem-solving with teenagers, with detailed tips on how to help teenagers learn to solve problems and resolve conflicts independently.