Pro Life - Anti Abortion Facts and Pro-Life Arguments

While the pro-abortion side would like everyone to believe they are really pro-choice and not pro-abortion, it’s truly a deception. Making abortion “safe, legal and rare” is just smoke and mirrors. Abortion is a money-maker for places like Planned Parenthood, who for committing one of every four abortions nationally.

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6) I’m pro-life because I think morality is about the well-being of sentient [human] beings, including the pre-born, who are human and can feel and perceive things as well.

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5) I’m pro-life because reproduction is a highly imperfect process, and even babies whose genes decide to go against them deserve to see the world — even if it is just for a short period of time.

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1) I’m pro-life because being able to abort our offspring is not a fundamental right and in fact is the complete antithesis of female empowerment and equality.

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9) I’m pro-life because the future is always in motion, and we have the power and responsibility to shape it well. Abortion, the greatest human rights violation of my generation, will end in my lifetime.

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Articles have popped up occasionally touting the fact that yes, pro-abortion people are just that: in favor of, and happy about, abortion. To that end, a piece entitled “I am pro-abortion, not just pro-choice: 10 reasons why we must support the procedure and the choice.” While it is a disturbing read, it clearly shines the light on those in opposition to the pro-life position.

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10) I’m pro-life because I love my future daughters and would never deny them the right to live, no matter how they were conceived or when they were conceived. As a mother, I would do everything in my power to ensure that my daughter first lives, and then lives well.

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3) I’m pro-life because I take motherhood seriously, and abortion and the lack of support society gives to women robs a mother of her chance to be one.

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8) I’m pro-life because I believe in mercy, grace, compassion, and the power of fresh starts. Just because abortion is legal now doesn’t mean we can’t create a new culture of life — one in which all pre-born children and all mothers are protected and honored by the law.

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2) I’m pro-life because well-timed pregnancies give children a healthier start in life, but taking the lives the babies who aren’t well-timed and not providing mothers experiencing an unplanned pregnancy with the support she needs to carry the baby to term is wrong and needs to change.