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All of you have been taught that one should obey the law and that ifyou think a law is immoral, you must work to get it changed instead ofsimply breaking it or taking the law into your own hands. But that is notalways possible. And in the Nuremberg trials, it was the position of theUnited States government that there are higher laws than the laws of anation, though our government seems not to recognize that principle whenit is claimed to apply to American laws. Nevertheless, the problem of conflictsbetween laws and morality has long been recognized. When Thoreau describedthe concept of civil disobedience, later used by Gandhi in India, by theNAACP in the Civil Rights Movement, and by college students in campus demonstrationsagainst the Vietnam War, that presented another way of dealing with theconflict, but Antigone was not advocating acceptance of punishment afteropen defiance of a law; she was trying to avoid that punishment becauseshe thought it was the law that was wrong, not her actions. "Civil disobedience"is not a satisfactory option when one is talking about "crimes" that carrya severe penalty, such as execution, and when the lawmakers and judgesare as blind as Creon was to immorality of the laws at issue, or proudlyunwilling to repeal or to relent from enforcing a bad law when they thinkit will make them look weak and cause them to "lose" their authority. Manypeople today, including a teacher on the Internet this morning!, oftenargue that even though there are extenuating circumstances they must enforcea (bad) rule and (undeserved) punishment, or risk diminishing the respectthey think their students or employees (or whoever) have for their authority.

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What are Creon's principles in 'Antigone'?

The basic plot of the tragedy is the conflict between Antigone’s family principles and religious tradition and Creon’s embodiment of state and its authority (Scodel).

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Sophocles in his tragedy, Oedipus Rex, teaches about “morally desirable attitudes and behavior,” (4) and uses three women to help convey these principles of living.

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Creon meets with the prophet Teiresias in the fifth scene of Sophocles's ''Antigone'

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16/02/2018 · Antigone in Relation to Kohlberg's Principles ..

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In Sophocles' play, Antigone, characters illustrate Kohlberg's moral development principles.

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