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Codrington'sstudy (1891), in which he described themeaning of as a supernatural power or influence experiencedby the Melanesians, has provided a basis for other scholars toexplain the origin and interpretation of primitive religion asrooted in the experience by primitive peoples of the dynamic powerof nature.

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Tylor regarded animism asthe most primitive stage in the evolution of religion.

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Animism is a primitive religion whose adherents have for thousands of years deified animals, stars, and idols of any kind, and practiced spiritism, witchcraft, divination and astrology.

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This discoveryrevolutionized modern scholarly understanding of primitive religionin two ways:First, many of the peoples which had been thought to have no conceptof religion at all were discovered instead to embrace belief ina single, all powerful deity.

Anythingin the world can reveal some aspect and dimension of sacrednessto the person in primitive cultures.

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Tylor and Frazer, who saw primitive religion ascharacterized preeminently by a belief in magic and unseen forcesor powers, represent the intellectual or rational position.

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He refers to primitivethought as concrete thought, meaning that such thought expressesa different way of relating to the objects and experiences ofthe everyday world.

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Althoughmyths may have a counterpart in ritual patterns, for primitivepeoples they are autonomous modes of the expression of the sacrednessof the world.

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Theories of the nature of primitive religion have moved betweentwo poles: one intellectualistic and rational, the other psychologicaland irrational.

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Whichever approach - psychological or intellectual - is accepted,it seems clear that primitives experience the world differentlythan do people in modern cultures.


Tylor,for instance, based his interpretation of primitive religion onthe idea that primitive people make a mistaken logical inference-anintellectual error.

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Levi-Straussbelieves that the intellectual powers of primitive peoples areequal to those of humans in all cultures and that differencesbetween the two modes of thought may be attributed to the thingsthey think about and concern themselves with.