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Just as sacredness tends to be localized in the natural formsof the world in primitive religious cultures, sacred meaning isalso defined by specific kinds of persons.

also called aboriginal, primal or archaic religions ..

Tylor regarded animism asthe most primitive stage in the evolution of religion.
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Both as a human experience andas an expression of that experience, Religion has been viewedas a model of human consciousness, most clearly seen in primitivecultures.

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Theories of the nature of primitive religion have moved betweentwo poles: one intellectualistic and rational, the other psychologicaland irrational.

Eliade offered a partial insight concerning religion as a form of thought and defense of religion as archaic thought.
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In fact, research carried outamong the indigenous peoples of Oceania, the Americas, and sub-SaharanAfrica has revealed rich and very complex religions, which organizethe smallest details of the people's lives.

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From the perspective of political economy, the cultural characteristics of indigenous life which most directly relate to ecology are currently the most marginalized. That is, indigenous peoples are often the target of external economic domination by multinational businesses which seek to exploit indigenous homelands often with the help of the nation-state in which indigenous peoples reside.1 These issues of diversity and economic exploitation are central to any discussion of indigenous traditions and ecology as many of the indigenous peoples, their cosmologies, and ritual practices discussed below are actually in danger of being extinguished by absorption into mainstream societies and by destruction of indigenous homelands through resource extraction.2

Themes which provide orientation for understanding the relations between indigenous religions and ecology are kinship, spatial and biographical relations with place, traditional environmental knowledge, and cosmology.

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Tylor and Frazer, who saw primitive religion ascharacterized preeminently by a belief in magic and unseen forcesor powers, represent the intellectual or rational position.

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Tylor's definition of primitive religion as animism,a belief in spiritual beings, expresses his interpretation thatthe basis of primitive religion is the belief that detached anddetachable vital forces make up a suprahuman realm of realitythat is just as real as the physical world of rocks, trees, andplants.

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The religious tolerance a characteristic of the ruling Iranian dynasties from Cyrus to Ardaban was further abandoned by the appearance of another great priest Kirder during the reign of Shabuhr (Shapour died 272 AD).

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The author of Ecclesiasteswrote, "God has set eternity in the hearts of men."Primitive Religions Primitive religion is a name given to the religious beliefs andpractices of those traditional, often isolated, preliterate cultureswhich have not developed urban and technologically sophisticatedforms of society.