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Studies in high-income counties have also tended to show greater price sensitivity among lower socio-economic groups. Low-income groups were more responsive to increases in cigarette prices in the UK in the 1980s and early 1990s. In the US, smoking rates of young black men are significantly more responsive to changes in price than are smoking rates among young white men.

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The formula for price elasticity is:

Price Elasticity = (-25%) / (50%) = -0.50

There has been a 25% increase in the price which has led to a 50% increase in the quantity demanded. The value of PED is therefore 50/25 = 2. Supply will be price elastic if its value is above 1, this is the value you would expect most goods to have.

The supply of agricultural goods is fairly inelastic.

If elasticity is equal to one then the good will have unitary elasticity; meaning a percentage change in price will lead to an equal percentage change in the quantity supplied.

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Unfortunately, calculating elasticities is notoriously difficult. Estimations of price elasticity of demand for the same the same good vary significantly when calculated by different economists.

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The total revenue for a business increases from 16 to 24 when it lowers its price on the elastic section of the demand curve in the example below.

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A good will have a YED of 3 if an increase of income of 5% leads to an increase in demand of 15%. As this value is greater than one (it is a positive figure), we describe it as having income elastic demand, in other words, a percentage change in income leads to a larger percentage change in the quantity demanded. Income elastic demand goods include luxury goods, for example, foreign holidays and expensive cars.

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The total revenue for a business increases from 16 to 24 when it raises its price on the inelastic section of the demand curve in the example below.

If the value is 0 then the price elasticity of demand is perfectly inelastic.

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The quantity demanded of a good or service is affected by changes in its price. Elasticity measures how responsive demand is to the change in price.

There are four main factors that will affect the price elasticity of demand:

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When calculating elasticity we assume that all other factors affecting demand remain constant. In reality, there are many factors, in addition to price, that might be changing which may affect the quantity demanded. If many factors are changing at the same time then it will be also impossible to estimate elasticity. Was it the change in price that caused the change in sales or some other variable? It is impossible to separate out the impact of the different variables. Ceteris paribus does not apply in the real world.

Income elasticity of demand = % change in quantity / % change in income

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The revenue maximising level of sales occurs when elasticity is unitary. This is shown in the diagram below at an output of 5. The demand curve diagram allows you to calculate revenue to equal 25. This can also be shown on the top diagram: at the maximum point on the total revenue curve, revenue is equal to 25.