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This gripping new novel by bestselling children's/YA author Eric Walters explores the complex and disturbing relationship between a talented young hockey star and his predatory coach as it descends into sexual abuse. In one of his most moving and provocative stories to date, Walters combines a vivid portrayal of rink culture with a powerful and unflinching cautionary tale.

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Eric Walters even states "This will be a threshold book for a lot of kids who will read it and want to talk to somebody", He hopes that Power Play will help solve this developing problem happening in hockey today.

The title of Power Play explains more than just a hockey term.

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a strong, tough player and willing to do anything to get to the NHL.
a good friend to Cody and has hockey in his future.
used to hate Cody, but over time became his friend.
a coach of Cody and helped him get to the NHL.
Terry: was a good player, but then became a coach who also helped Cody in many things, and believed in him.
Setting and characters
The story takes place in at Cody's coach's friends house, the hockey stadium and dressing room and the town called Watertown.
Power Play
Power Play by Eric Walters is a realistic fiction book.
What would happen if Cody didn't make it to Junior A?(synthesis) Cody's dream of being in the NHL would be ruined and he would be miserable for the rest of his life.

Everyone abuses there powers in one way or another and Eric Walters book, Power Play addresses this matter in hockey with a athletic spin on it.
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