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overlapping talk - Problem-solving or negotiation processes - Preferred outcomes to problems or conflicts - Roles and functions of third parties - Management of time and timing - Use and set-up of venue and space The Wheel of Culture is an analytical tool that can be used as a guide.

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Once you identify that cultural differences are influencing the course of negotiations, figure out why they might be thinking or acting in a particular manner.

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Recognize when something different appears to be happening. Once negotiations have begun, participants need to 'put up their antennae' to observe possible cultural differences that may occur.

Good cultural analysis seeks to identify what forms of power and influence are most likely to be used by whom and in which situations.
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Few 'maps' exist to describe how different cultures resolve conflict

With all of these cultural variables, and significant variations within cultures, how can we develop any common understanding, general hypotheses or conclusions about how a particular person or group from any one culture might behave in negotiations or conflicts?

How can you manage power dynamics in an international negotiation? Yadvinder Rana offers three tips to help navigate different instances of power dynamics.

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Develop an awareness of how cultural differences influence problem solving and negotiation. A framework for analyzing the impact of cultural differences on negotiations can be useful for understanding both our own culture and other cultures.

My first approach is to challenge them on the assumption that they have little or no power in their negotiations

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