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With all the self-congratulation about what a humanitarian nation America is, and how we saved the Albanians, a little investigation into our humanitarian record is warranted.

There was the Spanish-American War, ..

The War of the Spanish Succession and War of the Austrian ..
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The Spanish–American War would become the most noteworthy event of ..

Seven U.S. Senators cited that incubator "incident" as part of their justification for voting for war. The incubator story was a prominent media story for months, as the Bush administration garnered support for the military action against Iraq. I had been exposed to enough wartime propaganda to doubt what I was hearing, and it later turned out that the incubator story, the Iraqi threat to Saudi Arabia, and other influential stories (such as how the Iraqi army had the USA's forces in a risky position) were fabrications. While the incubator story received widespread and repeated airing, the American media barely reported Iraq's willingness to negotiate a withdrawal. Several withdrawal proposals were tendered, and the Bush administration immediately rejected all of them. Bush proudly said that he did not negotiate with people such as Hussein, whom he compared to Hitler. Bush even had the gall to call Hussein's invasion of Kuwait a "naked aggression." That came from a man who ordered the , which was a far more unjustified, murderous, and "naked" aggression than Kuwait's invasion was. Instead of laughing at Bush's hypocrisy, the media applauded his high principles.

call was taken in the Spanish American War

The tale of Iraqi soldiers taking babies out of incubators and leaving them to die was given in heart-wrenching testimony at the Congressional Human Rights Caucus by a young woman named Nayirah, who said she witnessed it. That "atrocity" was later exposed as a fabrication. It was discovered that Nayirah was the Kuwait ambassador's daughter, and an American public relations firm, Hill and Knowlton, coached her performance. Nayirah's performance was a recitation of a script that Hill and Knowlton wrote for her. Kuwait hired Hill and Knowlton to "manage" the perception of Kuwait's situation. She was when the fabricated atrocities supposedly happened, and the Kuwaiti hospital personnel on duty when it supposedly happened later denied that it happened. The incubator story may have been the deciding factor for the Senate's narrow approval for Bush's declaration of war on Iraq. George Bush's speech about the Iraq army massing in Kuwait in preparation for an also turned out to be a lie.

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The murderous hypocrisy of the USA regarding Yugoslavia was breathtaking. Not only was everything about the NATO intervention illegal (NATO was the fig leaf the USA used when it was obvious that the UN would never approve of the USA's bombing of Yugoslavia), the rationale fed the American people does not survive the barest scrutiny. The issue was supposedly Kosovo gaining its freedom. The bloodiest war in the USA's history was fought over the . The USA supported the extremely bloody Russian campaign to keep Chechnya from seceding. Puerto Rico has a much more legitimate reason to secede from the USA than Kosovo had for seceding from Serbia, yet the CIA and other organizations devoted a great deal of effort toward derailing Puerto Rican movements for freedom from the USA, and remember the .

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The Huron did not miss the “coincidence” of priests and smallpox arriving at the same time. Huron leaders contemplated wiping out all priests, but did not, while smallpox repeatedly swept through their ranks. Similar to the Spanish experience with the Aztecs, the natives noticed that European intruders seemed immune from the scourge that carried off so many of their people. While Cortés attained mythic status among the natives because the 1520 Mesoamerican smallpox epidemic failed to decimate the Spanish invaders, the Huron concluded that the Jesuits must have more powerful medicine and gods, because the epidemics left them untouched. As the Huron died in droves, many decided that the Christian god might be able to save them, and the Jesuits then had great success in converting the natives.

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As Adam Smith made clear in his , nationalism is a handy tool to manipulate populations into marching off to war and other exploitations of average people, benefiting the elite at the top. The people running the American Empire have no particular allegiance to the American people. American stupidity has been cynically cultivated and used to get Americans to cheer bombings, , march off to war, and other acts of nationalistic fervor. Every militaristic nation tells itself that it is the force of light and virtue, even when it kills off children.