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This new law is unique in North America, and it constitutes a significant political innovation, if only because it makes poverty reduction an explicit and central policy priority.

Essay - 1838 Words - StudyMode Poverty is a reality in Canada today.

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Why can't we end child poverty in Canada?

"I wanted to also clarify that developing a strategy or even providing a written analysis does go beyond our terms of reference and crosses over into the realm of government policy-making," she said.
Steve Kerstetter, a researcher for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, told MLAs: "If the goal is to redirect other money to fight poverty, it's just not going to work.

Poverty is a reality in Canada today.

That is a 20 per cent decline from 13 per cent the year previous and a 46 per cent drop since 2003.
· The child poverty level (LICO after tax) is now at its lowest level since 1980.
· The child poverty rate in B.C.

Children do not choose to be born into poverty.

(...) New Democrat critic for social development Shane Simpson reintroduced the Poverty Reduction Act in the Legislature Wednesday, calling on the Liberal government to address the urgent need for a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy.
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still has the highest child poverty rate in the country.

This fact sheet provides information on the position of people on welfare in BC in November 2011.
- twelve pages of BC welfare information including :
* Who Gets Welfare ("In November 2011 a total of 178,128 people in BC live on welfare")
* Recession Hits (impacts of the 2008-2009 recession)
* Welfare Rates and Poverty (average wages, poverty lines and welfare incomes)
* The Maze and Obstacle Course of Welfare (Who can qualify?

children lived in poverty in 2008.

According to Cost of Eating, lack of healthy food can lead to “poor growth and development in children, learning deficits, poor school performance, [and] increased illness and susceptibility to disease for people of all ages.” The homeless-count report reveals that nearly all of the homeless have health problems, with the vast majority (62 per cent) reporting multiple health conditions.

(...) In Manitoba, 47,000 children live in poverty.

But surely some issues call for a less partisan approach -- from the government side, an acknowledgment that far too many children live in poverty, from the Opposition, a recognition that progress has been made.

still has one of the highest poverty rates in Canada

The government's public affairs bureau quickly sent out a news release headlined "Child poverty rate continues its decline," which failed to include the fact that B.C.

BC is now dead last in Canada when it comes to fighting poverty!

We are also calling for the appointment of a bc cabinet minister with the authority and responsibility to ensure that a poverty reduction plan is developed and implemented and that the province is on track for achieving its poverty reduction targets and meeting its timelines.