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The development of the poster started in Paris, the art center of the world at that time. and were early popular French poster artists. Impressionist was one of the most well known artists to have developed the medium; his theatrical posters of Parisian nightlife captured both its gaiety and gloom.

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Vintage Propaganda and Ad Posters of the 1890s (Page 2) Propaganda and Ad Posters of the 1890s
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Wonderful French movie poster from 1954 by Boris Grinsson for WHITE CHRISTMAS
Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny, fun American movie poster from 1972

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Publishers gradually realized the disparity in popularity between the ads and the products. As one writer in the New York Tribune commented, customers often "did not think of buying the magazine advertised; they only wanted the poster." (quoted in American Art Posters, 51). Realizing where the public's interest lay, in the late 1890s, publishers began to transfer the bold, eye-catching poster style designs to magazine and books covers, hoping that this would increase sales. At the same time, they focused less attention on poster advertising, and many of these programs either ended or moved towards much more commercial, rather than artistic, production.

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Because it was so popular in the early 19th century, a great many cover designers worked in this style. Amy Sacker was one of the earliest to experiment in it; she had always been interested in figural covers, and was able to evolve this focus into poster style designs. Her covers show the influence of poster designers like . William Bradley gained much of his artistic reputation through his posters and magazine covers for Stone and Kimball, and he designed some poster style book covers as well. Others designers like Berkeley Smith and Decorative Designers were also prolific in the style.

American Art Posters of the 1890s in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

His posters were immensely popular with the reading public, and other periodical publishers, book publishers and advertisers quickly followed suit with their own bold posters schemes. Numerous artists were employed to create these designs, including well-known ones like William Bradley and Maxfield Parrish. Poster collecting became the rage in the 1890s, and there was often more interest in the posters themselves than in the publications they advertised.

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In America, the poster movement took off in the 1890s with a new advertising scheme developed by magazine publishers, beginning with Harper's Magazine. In the early 90s it was common for magazines to advertise holiday issues with special artistic covers, but most of the established magazines kept a standard conservative cover style for the rest of the year. In 1893 Harper and Brothers decided to experiment with a unique monthly poster to advertise their magazine and tapped their artistic director, Edward Penfield, to do so. Penfield created simple, bold images of affluent middle class people either reading Harper's or engaging in another leisure activity, and he combined them with some reference, often humorous, to the season at hand (for examples, see the Wallace Library ).