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The Populist Party did not achieve all of their goals, the nationremained on the gold standard until 1933, but they did getconsiderable recognition as a viable political force. By 1911 the thenew Federal Reserve System took over the printing of money. An incometax was indeed passed. Perhaps most importantly they proved that athird party could influence national politics and generatelegislation.

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In response to their problems farmers formed apolitical party called the Populist Party. The elected WilliamJennings Bryan as their leader and first candidate for president. Asa third party the Populists hoped to get their ideas and needsplaced into the public arena. Perhaps they realized that a Populistwould never be elected president but they had a good chance that oneof the major parties would incorporate the populist message intotheir platform. The Populist sought the following:

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The remainder of the lengthy document includes pledges to "increase the efficiency of the public school system in North Carolina," to support labor as the basis for the creation of all capital, and to support the "unfortunate [but presumably white] class in North Carolina" (p. ). The document instructs members to vote for the Presidential nomination of William J. Bryan and includes myriad provisions, amendments, and denouncements regarding all aspects of the party's platform (pp. , ).

The Populist Party did not achieve all of their goals, ..

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The "People's Party Platform," which was adopted "unanimously in Convention, April 18, 1900," follows the amendment (p. ). The platform condemns the "Democratic Legislature of 1899 for its extravagant expenditures of public money" and its "careless blundering and careless legislation" (p. 6). It focuses much of its criticism on the Democrat-backed Amendment, and its literacy clause in particular. The Populists foresaw the eventual striking of all grandfather clauses in the U.S. due to their unconstitutionality. (The U.S. Supreme Court would overturn all grandfather clauses in 1915 for violating the Fifteenth Amendment.) Assuming that the largely Democratic General Assembly, composed "of some of the best lawyers of the party," would have known of the unconstitutional premise of the clause and thus known of "the great danger of that unconstitutional section falling, leaving the remainder of the amendment to stand," the Populists thus accuse the Democrats of "disfranchising by an educational qualification fifty or sixty thousand white voters of North Carolina, who in 1898 gave the Democratic party power in the Legislature and whose ignorance is no fault of their own" (p. ). Because many whites in North Carolina could not read, they too would be potentially prohibited from voting without the grandfather clause. The Populists are especially angered by the Democrats putting forth any Amendment which "dignifies with the right of suffrage the most vicious, troublesome and obnoxious class of the negro population" while leaving "the unfortunate sons of the white men who have been the strength of true democracy" without a vote (pp. 7, ).

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And now, my friends, let us come to the paramount issue. If theyask us why we say more on the money question than we say upon the(protective) tariff question, I reply that, if protection has slainits thousands, the gold standard has slain its tens of thousands. Ifthey tell us that the gold standard is a good thing, we shall pointto their platform and tell them that their platform pledges the partyto get rid of the gold standard and substitute bimetallism. If thegold standard is a good thing, then why try to get rid of it? If theytell us that the gold standard is the standard of civilization, wereply to them that this, the most enlightened of all nations of theearth, has never declared a for a gold standard and that both thegreat parties are declaring against it.

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The Populist Party makes no qualms about its belief in white supremacy in this 1899 document: "The People's Party is and has always been more distinctly than any other party in North Carolina a white man's party" (p. ). As such, the Party wishes to amend the state Constitution to disqualify all "Negroes and all persons of negro descent to the third generation inclusive" from holding public office (p. 9). Additionally, they promise to support the "maintenance of the system of local self-government in all the white counties, towns and cities in the State" while also maintaining a "legislative system of county government for all the negro counties of the State, so that there can never be any question that the white people shall always have full and complete control of every county in the State" (p. 9).

The People's Party, also known as the Populist Party or the Populists, was an agrarian-populist political party in the United States

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Is the conservative movement populist? Yes, in many respects. But it's also nationalistic, theocratic and libertarian which is exactly how Donald Trump is packaging his campaign All you have to do verify that is take a look at right wing radio. The hosts aren't just obsequious. They are fawning fanboys and fangirls. Indeed, with rare exceptions the obvious favorite among the biggest start from Limbaugh to Savage to Ingraham. These media stars don't identify as Tea Partyers or populists or libertarians. They identify as conservatives. The fact that they are supporting him as if he is the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan says everything you need to know about the Trump phenomenon. Trump's agenda is simply the conservative agenda, circa 2015, nothing more, nothing less.