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'm going to miss doing a Thinking Out Loud for two weeks in a row, beginningright now. I'm leaving the real world, politics and BS behind while I head upto Oshkosh for my yearly innoculation against reality.

Although I'm leaving all this mess behind, I can't do so without a couple of passing comments about the last week. There were a couple of cop shootings, some terrorism in Europe and Donald Trump, as the old novelists used to say, "...strode upon the land." Yes, he made his mark, but not nearly as big a mark as his kids did. What a family!!!

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Officials Say the Darndest Things
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-- Irene Cornell, Plainfield,NJ. Well, Art Linkletter used to say, "Kids say the darndest things," although healways left off the second part, which was "...

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I wasn't prepared for his 38-year-old, oldest son, Donald, Jr. What an incredibly polished, well thought-out speaker. AND HE DIDN'T USE A TELEPROMPTER! All of his kids fit the same mold and, regardless of what you may think of The Donald and his style, one of the talking heads summed it up nicely, when he said, "You can't fake good kids." Quality shows and it has nothing to do with money or position.

POLITICIANS, LIKE CHILDREN, often say the darndest things in the heat of the moment.
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Trump and the GOP say the darndest things on health care ..

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