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One of the most important areas of discussion in development Economics is poverty reduction. Poverty often deepens and reduces due to the policies of the government. Poverty is affected positively and negatively due to the policies which are implemented to achieve other economic objectives.

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However, survey results in the early 2000s showed that, despite growth, poverty was slow to fall, job creation was weak, and the production base of the economy was too narrow.

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The Poverty Reduction Support Credits (PRSC) funded by World Bank, focused on building strong governance so as to raise greatly social spending, sharpen competition, mitigate social and environmental risks, and modernize the rural economy.

However, survey results in the early 2000s showed that, despite growth, poverty was slow to fall, job...
16/03/2016 · According to a new Associated Press/NORC poll, 72 percent of Americans rate “reducing poverty” as “extremely” or “very important.”

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First, poor countries with around 3 billion people have broken into the global market for manufactures and services; these "new globalizers" have experienced large-scale poverty reduction.

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At today's Poverty Reduction Consultations in Kitchener, the community was determined to broaden the focus of the strategy in Ontario: Increase Social Assistance Supports, Increase Labour Standards and Minimum Wage, Invest and Lift everyone out of poverty. The regional priorities remain housing and health. The Minister of Community and Social Services, Ted McMeekin said: "No one is guilty for needing assistance and we are all responsible for finding solutions".

17/09/2014 · With the right policy choices, we can move the needle on poverty, expand the middle class, and put the American economy on an upward trajectory.

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The purpose of progressive taxes is to take more taxes from those on high income levels. This will re-distribute income and will reduce relative poverty. It also enables the government to reduce indirect taxes and to increase benefits to the poor.