Against the Odds: Sarkhan's Dragons (Modern)

Generally, don't expect this player to fold. The word 'fold' is not in his dictionary. Hence the continuation bet is often a waste of money against the loose aggressive maniac.

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Once you hit any of your two hole cards on the flop, it's very likely that you will have him beat and it's time to take on the loose aggressive hold'em player. If there are other players in the hand, try to isolate to play heads up against the maniac by reraising aggressively.

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According to Sun Tzu, the maniac's loose play makes him vulnerable to mediocre hands. The problem most players face against the maniac is that they don't dare to bet their mediocre hands strongly against him.

have enough information to actually understand the odds he's playing against

Playing Against The Loose Aggressive Player

Now comes the most important part. Once you have committed on the flop, be prepared to go all the way with your entire stack. Don't let that overcard on the turn or river scare you off. By playing tight preflop and playing tight on the flop, you have already covered your bases. Hence, when you attack, you must attack with force. Remember, fear is the weapon of choice of the maniac. Don't give in to it. Sure, you may get rivered from time to time but that is unavoidable when playing against a loose aggressive opponent. This is where the size of your bankroll comes into play.

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