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I know how you feel my 4 children have been taken cos if domestic vilonce from my ex partner .im haing to atend court hereings .ive done everything they have asked off me .but im worried i will never get them back .ive a five day court hereing coming up and im really scared .but also worried what the out come is gonna be as i want my children home .and my children ask me me when there coming back home .but i dont no myself i just wsnna reasure them but im not allowed to .

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Children come into care for many reasons including parental abuse and neglect.
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What would happen if a child was adopted outside of parental consent, then later on the child needed an o matching organ donor to save their life? What would be the procedure to handle such a situation?

Philosophies of Parent/Child Relationships

One thing I wonder about is Child Abuse is a crime in the UK correct? Why do they seem not to pursue the parents on criminal charges? I understand the civil court aspect with probabilities, however if they have a solid case they should prosecute them in criminal court as well.

Lastly, if teachers and parents work together and reinforce the learning process, their children will be successful.
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My point was that fathers are by far the major perpetrators of domestic violence and yet care proceedings are rare based on incidents of domestic violence in which children suffer abuse. The Daily Mail was reporting on proceedings in a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to child sexual abuse and was reporting on the testimony of a lawyer given on oath. But if you prefer to rely on unsubstantiated comments made on Facebook by parents who the Courts did not believe, then I’m sure that is an impeccable source for your legal work.

Parenting philosophies may have many influences and affect how ..

1:- “Innocent until proved guilty” has been replaced in the family courts by “guilty if their guilt is more probable (51%) than their innocence”; and as judges always consider the allegations of social workers to be probably more reliable than the denials of parents the result is that parents once accused are usually found to have neglected or abused their own children.

The Disadvantages of Being a Single Parent & Raising a Child.

AB - This exploratory study examined the beliefs held by families regarding childcare. Indepth interviews were conducted with parents of children ages 3-5 in full-day childcare. Parents described their experiences with childcare, thoughts about the continuity between childcare and home environments and other life philosophies. From the analysis of the transcripts, three themes emerged: overlap orientation, influence of the programme on the family and parental involvement. In their descriptions of continuity and discontinuity between the home and care environments, parents provided insight into their orientation regarding the appropriate overlap between these environments. The relationships between these three themes are discussed. Practical applications and directions for future research are discussed.