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I can respect someone who does not believe in God; and even though I think that there probably is a God, I am not a religious person. That being said, your above statement is absolutely ludicrous. You cannot disprove a religion with science if people believe in something beyond a physical truth. For example, some Christians believe in the transifguration of bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ. The bread and wine never physically stop being bread and wine when sanctified, but spiritually they attain a greater significance for people of a particular faith. Besides, depending on how you perceive the concept of God (and as I'm sure you are aware, there are some drastically different interpretations), He might be able to bend reality, undo any discoveries, make 2 + 2 = 5 and destroy every bit of the world's known science in an instant.

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Because what could be important than nailing down the religious faith of a fictitious character?
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...C. Humility - Superman: For Tomorrow would be another recommendation I second. I know a lot of people hated it and it fits for the Faith aspect but I was personally really blown away by Azzarello's ability to make Superman seem so powerless and small when he was speaking with the Priest. Despite all his power, he was humbled by the presence of God and I found it very interesting.

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...B. Faith - For Tomorrow, a Superman story, is deeply rooted in the notion in Faith and the loss of Faith. In fact, most Superman stories depict Faith as a core element. The belief that there is a better way. His hope for our future. But an interesting example would be Preacher. Not so much to show Faith, but to show what happens when Faith is lost. Genesis, the child of an angel and a demon escapes from Heaven and merges with a down on his luck preacher imbuing him with "The Word" (The ability to make others do what he says) God, fearing Genesis' leaves Heaven. Jessie (The preacher) goes looking for him to force him to explain himself...

I found this article looking at the faith of Superheroes and figured that it may well be good for a discussion!
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Although, if you ask me, it's high time DC had a few more Jewish heroes in their universe. And not these lame-o heroes where the whole basis of the character is they're Jewish ("I'm Dreidleman! Watch me spin these crooks out of the solar system!"). Superhero religion should be a background issue, it's important to the character, but not a huge factor. My Catholisism doesn't come up every day, nor do I go around asserting my faith. So what if Superman's not Jewish? Just because his creators were Jewish, that makes him Jewish? Do all the characters Grant Morrison create have to be white, male and Scottish? What's important is that Superman does what he does, not under what philosophy he does it.

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Mr. Garrett has published the novels Free Bird (2002) and Cycling (2003) as well as nonfiction works such as The Gospel Reloaded: Exploring Spirituality and Faith in The Matrix along with Chris Seay. In addition he's written short fiction, articles, personal essays, film, music, book reviews, and worked as a sports writer. Mr. Garrett is a Professor of English at Baylor University and is currently studying to be a priest in the Episcopal Church. I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Garrett while he was in the deserts of New Mexico working on a book on religion and film...

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Because it becomes more like using your communicator then praying, which can be viewed as marginalizing real prayers. As I understand Prayer it shouldn't be about calling God in to solve your problems. It's a matter of faith communcating with him, speaking to him and taking up your burden as a part of his plan. I think it would diminish things if Superman was praying to God so that they can get Spectre to intervene.