Genetic engineering in plants: perspectives and limitations.

I have chosen to present my work by discussing the religious arguments in favour and against genetic engineering, designer babies, should parents have the right to choose their child's looks, sex and intelligence levels.

“Genetic Engineering in Plants: Perspectives and Limitations.” .

“Genetic Engineering in Plants: Perspectives and Limitations.” In , ed.

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These results have implications for individuals who identify with particular racial groups. For example, a study of disease-associated genetic variants in self-identified African Americans found percentages of African ancestry ranging from 0.6 percent to 99.7 percent, with an average of about 80 percent (). Similarly, people who might self-identify as Mexican American or Puerto Rican can have very different combinations of ancestry. Thus, if the action of a drug being tested in such individuals is influenced by a specific genetic variant, their race or biogeographic ancestry is likely to say little about whether they have that variant. “You cannot use group data to say something about [an] individual,” Rotimi said.

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Dr Rosner points out: it could be said that genetic engineering is unethical because it shows a lack of faith in God by altering part of God's creation. However, he finds a number of rabbis who believe that since the purpose is to heal, to do so is to obey the duty God has imposed on doctors.

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The recent concerns by Dr. Don Huber, who noted a link between GM crops, engineered to withstand continued applications of glyphosate, plant diseases and and infertility in pigs, horses, cattle and other livestock, further underscore the troubling fact that GM crops may likely have a larger negative impact on the agroecosystem and the surrounding environment. More importantly, Huber’s revelations further point to the inaccurate assumptions made by this nation’s regulators. GM crops are not substantially equivalent to their conventional counterparts, they interact in novel ways to impact the plant, the soil and the animals that consume them and government agencies should think twice before deregulating GMOs.

cloning and germ-line genetic engineering.


The creation of humankind in God's image means that every individual
has an absolute value in God's sight, which is independent of
variations in their genetic heritage.

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Some people have used the portion of genetic variation that is structured geographically to justify traditional racial groupings. But that interpretation is a “misunderstanding of the concept of human genetic variation,” Rotimi said. For example, Rotimi and his colleagues recently published a study of 3,500 individuals from 163 ethnolinguistic groups around the world (). A computer program analyzed the genetic differences among these individuals and distinguished 19 major ancestral components—more than the traditional number of racial groups, and a number that varies depending on the size of the sample. Furthermore, most of the individuals—94.4 percent—showed mixed ancestry among these components. Said Rotimi, “Trying to use genetics to define race is like slicing soup. You can cut all you want—the soup stays mixed.”

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