Do the personal views of a company director represent the company?

Jason Falls, a social media strategist at in Louisville, Kentucky, thinks companies should have several social media policies. "Part of the problem is that social media policy is a misnomer," Falls says. "It's more than just telling employees what they can and cannot do on company computers."

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By contrast, liberal views dominate the blogosphere, but arescant on talk radio.

Writing a Social Media Policy: What You Should Include

"Your staff, clients and corporations are already on social media and will more than likely be talking about your company," says Katrina Collier, founder and director of , a London based firm that helps companies with social recruitment. "Clear guidelines will ensure that your company brand is enhanced and that your reputation is not sullied by an errant remark."

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A corporate social media policy lets employees know what they need to know to communicate the company message effectively, and what they should and should not do.

Here is a list of some social media policies Falls suggests companies should consider creating:

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If the company director has made it clear that they are using a personal social media account and that "their views are personal and any comments are not as a representative of the company", then they are almost certainly not representing the company.

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If the company director is using a company account, or has used the company name or branding as part of their social media identity, then it is quite possible that the comments will be construed as representing the company.

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Tv shows and movies tell them to be casual and carefree with their lives while still being responsible and taking care of everyone around them.

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They are pushed by the media to be conquerors, pushing through obstacles, achieving various rites of maturity, and obtaining as much pleasure from life as they can in the form of women, money, and power.

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Such political blogs are up front with their politicalviews, and typically "echo" the news reported by traditionaljournalists while adding their own spin or analysis.

They can innocently listen to their favorite singers new song online and then minutes later watch a video of them drunk at a party.

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