The history of performance appraisal is quite brief.

Numerous methods have been devised to measure the quantity and quality of performance appraisals. Each of the methods is effective for some purposes for some organizations only. None should be dismissed or accepted as appropriate except as they relate to the particular needs of the organization or an employee.

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Performance appraisal is the process by which organizations evaluate job performance.

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Evaluating the current performance of employees against past performances and organizational standards is known as Performance Appraisal (Dessler, 2005).

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Furthermore performance appraisal helps the company know how individual employees are performing and how to improve their performance thus improving the performance of the company (Grubb, 2007)....

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Also, performing performance appraisals on highly technical people is much more difficult than doing them for employees that are performing routine or production oriented tasks.

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Terms used to describe the various type of rating systems as well as a definition for performance appraisal is as follows: Behavioral Anchored Rating Scales.

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Usually a performance appraisal system requires a manager to rate each employee’s performance according to performance criteria’s that have already been established over a period of time.

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It probably goes without saying that different industries and jobs need different kinds of appraisal methods. For our purposes, we will discuss some of the main ways to assess performance in a performance evaluation form. Of course, these will change based upon the job specifications for each position within the company. In addition to industry-specific and job-specific methods, many organizations will use these methods in combination, as opposed to just one method. There are three main methods of determining performance. The first is the , in which managers look at an employee’s specific traits in relation to the job, such as friendliness to the customer. The looks at individual actions within a specific job. compare one employee with other employees. are focused on employee accomplishments, such as whether or not employees met a quota.

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Performance appraisals can give you essential information on certain points, it is a method of assessing and communicating with an employee on how he or she is performing the job and forming plans of development depending on the result of the appraisal.

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Many different factors go into assessing and performing a performance appraisal; the first one is deciding at what level you need to start evaluating for a performance appraisal.

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I later found, after I had a department of 19 people to supervise and write appraisals for, that the performance appraisal was a once a year nightmare if I didn't take notes on my employees during the year.
The observations and understanding of the performance appraisal process helped reduce a monumental task into something much more manageable.