Obama warned about Patriot Act abuses

Wherein public safety is at risk by condition only, (not by esthetics nor by simple public will) the act of quarantine to general public will be established until any problem is repaired; Only when eminent public hazard exists will condemnation be allowed to be enacted for those things built upon the land or in the land but not the land itself nor fines imposed.

7.) Roles and Duties within the Federal Government - The Executive Branch:

We, the members of the American Patriot Party believe that under our Constitution the President is the chief executive of our federal government.

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and is the first case to challenge a portion of the Patriot Act before the Supreme Court.
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, 1764. "Absolutely irreconcilable with the rights of the colonists": so wrote revolutionary leader James Otis in his famed essay , excerpted in this compilation of citizen essays, merchant appeals, legislative petitions, and public protests against the 1764 acts that concludes with commentary from Patriot historian David Ramsay in his 1789 . What most perplexed and enraged Americans about the acts? Why did they deem the Currency Act unfair, and the Sugar Act unfair unconstitutional? In their view, what legitimate financial regulations be enacted by Parliament? Why would American resistance enrage and perplex British citizens? As there is ample material for group study and presentation, the selections are designed to be divided among students and not assigned in their entirety. See Discussion Questions below and of the compilations in this Theme CRISIS. (8 pp.)

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9American attempt to recapture Savannah, GA fails
Nov.-June 23, 1780Washington's 2nd winter at Morristown, NJ (the harshest winter of the 18th century)
May 12: British capture Charleston, SC
May 29: British crush Americans at Waxhaw Creek, SC
June 20: Patriots rout Tories at Ramseur's Mill, NC
July 11: French troops arrive at Newport, RI, to aid the American cause

“Report on the Telephone Records Program Conducted Under Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act …
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Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld took an unfair amount of abuse for his deployment of the phrase "known unknowns." And it's these known unknowns that might be the most disturbing part of the list. For instance, does the government think the Patriot Act allows it to force Google to turn over information about anyone who has searched for certain keywords using orders that come with a gag order? Is the NSA sucking up everything we say on our phones and that we do online, under the theory it pushed in a court case that it's not a search until a human actually looks at the data? How often do police investigating a crime ask wireless providers to give them a list of all the people whose phones were in use in the area when they think a crime was committed? What kind of sweeping surveillance orders have been issued under the 1998 law that Congress passed to legalize much of the warrantless wiretapping of Americans? And finally, how long is the government storing all this data, and how can we be sure that our future governments won't start using this data to target Americans based on activities protected by the First Amendment?

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