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In the end, the lasting relevance of references to the Donald might be the scariest thing about this unlikely American Psycho reboot. "It couldn't be more timely," Walker says. "People ask if we put them in, but he was huge in the Eighties and big in the book and a huge influence on who Patrick Bateman wants to be. I think Patrick would be contributing to his campaign right now. It's just purely coincidence that Trump's also running for president right now. A chilling coincidence."

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"I cannot as the actor, look at Patrick and deny that there's a little bit of Patrick Bateman in all of us," Walker says. "I think most people think horrible things on a daily basis: when they're frustrated, hurt, afraid. If you could play their internal monologue or read it, you'd see horrible, horrible things in there. Patrick has no censor. We have to learn not to behave like that – to not behave like animals – but for some reason, he can't disconnect."

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During recent performances, audience members cheered when the title card reading "American Psycho" was projected at the beginning of the show. They whooped when Patrick Bateman appeared on stage in the iconic raincoat or wielded a chainsaw. Knowing chuckles erupted when he repeatedly says, "I have to return some video tapes," in order to get out of uncomfortable situations, an absurdist line from the film that became an Internet meme. At the London production, young men showed up dressed like Patrick Bateman, similar to the way generations embraced The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

On his Facebook page, White reportedly quoted Patrick Bateman, the infamous serial killer in 'American Psycho.'   “I like to dissect girls.
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Or, as Benjamin Walker, the six-foot-three hunk who plays Bateman in the American Psycho musical, asks, "How do you make something entertaining that is, basically, you in your underwear killing hookers and singing about it?"

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Despite the amount of blood and hedonistic acts, the music humanizes Patrick Bateman in a way the movie never could. By having him sing, he seems to have a soul. It's similar to what Stephen Sondheim managed to do with Sweeney Todd and Assassins – open up the interiors of despised killers – only now with a racist, homophobic, misogynist who appears to slaughter a slew of innocent people as he sings about his impulse to murder.

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In many ways, Patrick Bateman, the protagonist of Bret Easton Ellis’ 1991 novel American Psycho, embodies the darkest elements of the male psyche.

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I seriously love American Psycho, both the novel by Bret Easton Ellis and the film starring Christian Bale. This on Scouting NY follows up on the fate of the various pretentious bars, downtown clubs, and elitist restaurants that Patrick Bateman frequented.

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"Weirdly, I think Dorian Grey is an ancestral connection to Patrick Bateman. They are both obsessed with style and society, and both are beyond morality," Aguirre-Sacasa says. "They are amoral at a minimum, if not the opposite of that. They want to be young, beautiful, never want to grow old, never want to interact with people who aren't of the same class. And Dorian has a big sexual appetite, a pansexual appetite, which I think is also true of Patrick Bateman."