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Each one will be unique to an organization and its employees, but there are some that are common to all the companies that are exploring the New People Partnerships...

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Partnerships is what enables many companies to make continuous improvements.

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The charity’s attitude is very important to companies. They want a partner who will go the extra mile and shows tenacity to deliver results. They also want the charity to be committed to overcoming any obstacles in their partnership.

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Also the company wants to know that their contribution matters to the charity. When I was at Action for Children we had a major partnership with MFI, a furniture retailer. They had supported us for over 10 years, but we had never told them that they were our largest corporate partner. When we did finally tell them it made a huge difference and played a big part in extending our partnership.

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Companies want their charity partners to be professional in their approach. In particular they are concerned that the charity might make a big mistake and make them look bad, or that the charity will be too slow to respond to their requests.

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Definition of a Business Name means the name or style under which any business is carried on, whether in partnership or otherwise. (a.k.a Trading Name)

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Guidance for companies, limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and eligible Scottish partnerships on the register of people with significant control (PSC) requirements.

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Lastly companies want their charity partners to provide real benefits that meet their objectives. This doesn’t mean that charities have to make huge promises, instead it means that companies want their charity partners to be specific about the benefits they will deliver.

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Also the company wants the opportunity to have a good fit with their business which will ensure that the project resonates with their different audiences. For example, it makes sense for Gillette to support Movember, an organisation that asks members of the public to grow moustaches to raise money for prostate and testicular cancer. A good fit with a charity partner can also provide opportunities for different parts of a company to unite around a common cause. It also gives the partnership more potential to grow.

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Ideally companies want a charity with a proven track record of delivering corporate partnerships. It reassures them that the charity understands how to partner with companies and has a range of opportunities and events that work with corporate partners.