Civil War and Reconstruction (1850-1877)

Looking back at the founding of America , slavery, Civil War, emancipation, reconstruction, and the times following all the way through today I would say everyone should ask, is liberty truly the American Way.

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after the Civil War is known as Reconstruction.

The study of African civil wars has boomed since 2000 as scholars have recognized the predominance of internal wars over interstate wars in the post-Cold War context. The collapse of the Soviet Union brought with it an influx of illegal weaponry and the weakening of many proxy states, leading to a spike in conflict in the early 1990s as political and economic elites sought to take advantage of the new political dispensation. Across the continent, a variety of insurgent organizations caused immeasurable death and destruction, whether small rag-tag outfits like the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda; proxy armies of foreign governments, such as the Revolutionary United Front in Sierra Leone; or more conventional insurgent forces, such as the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. In addition, conflicts in places like Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo took on hybrid forms mixing internal wars with interstate wars. As a result, no single approach fully captures the broad range of experiences of African civil war.

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Scholars have produced many solo monographs and edited volumes that present differing interpretations of the causes and consequences of civil wars. Several of these works, such as , , and locate the source of violence in the postcolonial nature of African states. Others, such as , , , , and take a more case-oriented approach, looking within specific countries for explanations of dysfunction. provides a more theoretical interpretation for African violence, and contributors to view the subject through an anthropological lens.

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The survival of the United States as one nation was at risk, and on the outcome of the war depended the nation's ability to bring to reality the ideals of liberty, equality, human dignity, and justice.

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This section describes the how the many forms of death in the Civil War, gruesome statistics, and how the deaths of so many citizens impacted the North and South. Includes an awesome (but graphic) video.

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This section (which is nearly as big as the Civil War section) provides a comprehensive account of the life of Abraham Lincoln with numerous activities, related events, biographies, and more.

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An election would lead to secession and that would lead to Civil War. For four long hard years, over 700,000 citizens of the United States of America would perish in an attempt to solve the state's rights issues surrounding slavery. They would fight across the nation at battlefields such as Gettysburg and Vicksburg with the Confederacy finally losing the battle due to attrition and bold decisions by Abraham Lincoln to emancipate the people enslaved. It was a decade that saw the binding together of a nation that looked as if it would forever be two, and that possibility existed if not for the leadership and bravery of all involved.

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This section provides a game-like application where students can test their knowledge and learn about four essential knowledge points of the Civil War: State allegiance, the leaders of each side, the battles won by each side, and the advantages enjoyed by each side.

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This section provides a clickable map of the United States where kids can learn about important battles, places, and landmarks of the Civil War.