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Acts of Gaiety explores the mirthful modes of political performance by LGBT artists, activists, and collectives that have inspired and sustained deadly serious struggles for revolutionary change. The book explores antics such as camp, kitsch, drag, guerrilla theater, zap actions, rallies, manifestos, pageants, and parades alongside more familiar forms of "legitimate theater." Against queer theory's long-suffering romance with mourning and melancholia and a national agenda that urges homosexuals to renounce pleasure if they want to be taken seriously by mainstream society, Acts of Gaiety seeks to reanimate notions of "gaiety" as a political value for LGBT activism. The book mines the archives of lesbian-feminist activism of the 1960s-70s, highlighting the outrageous gaiety that lay at the center of the social and theatrical performances of the era and uncovering original documents long thought to be lost. Juxtaposing historical figures such as Valerie Solanas and Jill Johnston with more recent performers and activists (including Hothead Paisan, Bitch & Animal, and the Five Lesbian Brothers), Warner shows how reclaiming this largely discarded and disavowed past elucidates possibilities for being and belonging. Acts of Gaiety explores the mutually informing histories of gayness as politics and as joie de vivre, along with the centrality of liveliness to queer performance and protest.

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An older feature, I assume produced for another DVD edition overseas, is a 33-minute interview with Joseph McBride, author of . This feature is more of a general overview of the production and the film, expanding on what is covered in the commentary and Callow’s own interview. This one does repeat a few details but gets into the more of the nitty-gritty of the production delays, Welles going through crew members because of said delays, and the various other difficulties that arose during and afterwards. This is then followed by the previously mentioned Thomas interview going over the various edits of the film.

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Thankfully any problems or concerns that arose when Criterion released the film originally seem to have fallen to the wayside and as was mentioned earlier Criterion has included two versions of the film for their new release and the restorations do look wonderful. That being said it’s clear that each film comes from different restorations since both do look fairly different from one another, at least in certain respects. What’s rather shocking is that the older version, the 1952 cut that comes from a fine-grain master positive, looks noticeably better on the whole in comparison to the 1955 cut, which comes from the negative. There are still some print flaws present, mostly limited to minor blemishes and marks along with some flickering and pulsing, and some tram lines. There also appears to be a few side effects from filming, like dirt on the lens. But outside of these things the restoration work has been thorough and in this regard the image is simply stunning.

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