The first experiment was the potato core lab

The potato cores in the 0.0 to 0.4 solutions can absorb more water,
because water will move from an area of high concentration to an area
of low concentration of water molecules.

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It would then mess up our lab because this would cause more water to diffuse into the potato cores.

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v The potato cores all had different levels of moisture at the start
of the experiment, meaning that some potato cores would need less
osmosis to reach equilibrium within the same molarity solution.

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This also means that the 0.6
to 1.0 potato cores cannot absorb as much and therefore osmosis occurs
in the opposite direction, the potato core losing water to the

Why was it necessary to keep the potato tuber cores in a covered container until the balance was available?

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We are weighing potato cores for their initial mass and then we are waiting for a time period of 24 hours too check the final mass to see if they were to lose of gain weight from the sucrose solution.
If the potatoes are hypotonic to the solution then they will lose mass.

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The initial mass decreased over the time period of 24 hours because the weight of the potato cores all mostly lost weight except for one in the .2 sucrose solution.

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* Concentration of water in the potato - The higher the concentration
of water already in the potato, the quicker osmosis will occur because
less water will have to diffuse into the potato to even the amounts of
water inside and outside of the potato cells.

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At this point there will be
no change in the length, volume and mass of the potato, as the net
movement of water will be zero, no more osmosis has occurred except to
keep the levels of water approximately balanced.

boost or slow down the osmosis in the potato ..

The potato cores
in the 0.6 to 1.0 solutions have the lowest water potential, gradually
decreasing in potential towards the 1.0 concentration, and visa-versa.

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v The scales I was using gradually became sticky due to all the potato
cores, therefore more weight may have been added later because of the
excess water and sugar.

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Therefore my hypothesis was not correct; If the potatoes are hypotonic to the solution then they will lose mass, because not all of my potato cores lost weight.
Some errors in my lab might have been because we didn't put the potato cores in the solutions all at the same time so it might have messed up my data a little bit.